In Igbo language wete, weta, bute, nye or nyem means the same thing which is bring, even though some people may argue that nye is give, while nyem or nye mụ is give me, however using any of them to signify bring is appropriate. Thus, wetara mụ or nye mụ means give me or bring me.

Being that you’re learning simple Igbo language, it is better for you to use wete or weta all the time because everybody will understand you clearly instead of trying to mix it with bute or nye. Or even butere mụ or nye mụ

Wete or weta is used many times, over and over in Igbo language. Sometimes some people may put biko in front of wete or weta to complete a sentence. Biko wete means please bring or give. You can even mix it up with English like: Biko wete egg (please bring egg) or biko wete cup of water (please bring cup of water).

Bring money = wete ego or please bring money = biko wete ego.

Bring comb = wete mbo or please bring comb = biko wete mbo.

Bring food = wete ri or please bring food = biko wete ri.

Bring me salt = wete mụ nnu or please give me salt = biko wete mụ nnu.

Bring me a plate = weta mụ efere or please give me a plate = biko weta mụ efere.

Give me pepper = wete mụ ose or please bring me pepper = biko wete mụ ose.

Bring a hat = wete okpu or please bring a hat = biko wete okpu.

With wete, weta, weta mụ or wete mụ  you can get away with mixing the word in Igbo and English.

For example, a mixture with Igbo and English that can be understood:  wete rice = bring rice or please bring rice = biko wete rice.

Another mixture with Igbo and English  that can be understood:  wete orange = bring orange or please bring orange = biko wete orange.

Bring me a cup = wete mụ iko or please bring me a cup = biko wete mụ cup.

Give me a pot = weta mụ pot or please give me a pot = biko weta mụ ite.

If I say wete mbo what did I mean?
Well, what I mean here is bring a comb.

What of weta ri, this means bring food.

Now figure out the following by looking above:

What is wete okpu?

What is weta iko?

What is wete ose?

What is weta efere?

What is wete ego?

What is wete nnu?



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