Kedụ is a word that has flexible usage or meaning.

In Igbo greetings kedụ can be used as hello or how are you?

Kedụ can be used as what, like kedụ maka ụmụ meaning what of children?

kedụ can be used as where, like kedụ ibe di gị gara meaning where did your husband go?

kedụ can be used as when, like kedụ ngbe John gara meaning when did John go?

kedụ can be used as how, like kedụ ngbe omere meaning how did it happen?

kedụ can be used as who, like kedụ onye mere ya meaning who did it?

kedụ can be used as which, like kedụ nke bụ nke gị meaning which of these are yours?

Obviously, you can see how “kedụ” is used in various ways and knowing how to use it well will be an asset to you which you can manipulate during communications if you run short of words to use.



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Learn the Use of “kedụ” in Igbo Language