Moi-moi is one of those foods kids love to eat. Although most kids may not eat black eye beans because of the black spot or black eye, yet moi moi is made from black eye beans’ flour or grounded black eye beans.

Moi-moi is said to be good for pregnant women and children. Children love it so much, they are ready to go at any event where moi-moi is to be served.

I was at this party, I saw this 12 or 13-year old girl feistily crying, tears coming down from her face. I called her and asked her what is wrong with her? She told me that she went to collect her food, in her plate of food, there was no moi moi with it and when I requested for moi moi, they told me it is finished. Lucky on my plate there is moi moi, I shared it in half and put half on her plate, she was delighted. 

Moi moi can be eaten separately but usually as an appendage with jollof rice, fried rice, fried plantain, fried yam, yam porridge, corn porridge (akamu) and cornstarch (agidi) among others. If it is eaten separately – be prepare to be drinking a lot drinks throughout the day.

According to Chinelo’s write-up on moi moi, she said “due to its popularity, moi moi is often served in parties, dinners and other special occasions.” “Regular consumption of this food has many health benefits. It helps in promoting good health because of its high nutrient content. It is a good source of protein, calcium, potassium, folate, iron, vitamin A, B1, C, E and dietary fibre from the vegetables used in the preparation.”

Her article makes the point that “people suffering from constipation and diabetes can benefit from eating moi moi because of its high protein content. Consumption of this food helps children to attain maximum growth and development. Menstruating women, who are more at risk for iron deficiency, can also benefits from eating moi moi due to its high iron content. And it would be an ideal food for pregnant women and children to help promote total wellbeing.”

She suggested that “those that want to age gracefully can benefit from this food because beans has antioxidant vitamins that neutralise the effect of free radicals that cause premature aging. Moi moi is an ideal food for students and people that are engaged in intellectual work because of its thiamin (vitamin B1) content. Thiamin protects memory and helps the brain to function properly. Eat moi moi today and enjoy more health benefits from it.”

Ingredients                    Quantities
Beans                              750g (3 cigar cups)
Bone marrow  (optional)      ½ (half) kilo
Eggs (optional)                   3
Corned beef                        1 tin
Vegetable Oil                      3 cooking spoons
Tatashe                              8 medium size
Crayfish                              1 tablespoon
Fresh Pepper                        2 medium size
Onions                                 3 medium sized bulbs
Nutmeg                               1 piece
Salt                                     to taste
Seasoning of choice               3 cubes

Equipments for the preparation of moi moi

Cooking gas or electric or kerosene stove, bowl, spoons, knife, blender or grinding machine, aluminum foil or plastic bowls or umar leaves.

Method of preparing moi moi

Soak and wash the beans to remove the coat.

Place the beans in a bowl and pour enough water to cover it and leave to soak for three hours.

If you want to use egg, cook till hardboiled, cut into small pieces and set aside.

If you prefer bone marrow, cook it with salt and Maggi / Knorr cubes.

If it is corned beef you will go for, open the can and separate the beef into small lumps.

Wash the onions, red pepper, crayfish, tatashe and remove the seed and set aside.

Blend the beans, tatashe, onions, crayfish, pepper and nutmeg together and put in a big enough bowl.

Prepare about half a litre of warm water. This will be used in mixing the moi moi.

Slowly add the warm water and stir the mixture at the same time.

Add more water if necessary, the mixture should have a poring consistency, add salt to taste, 3 cooking spoons of vegetable oil, bone marrow stock (if this is what you have chosen to add to your moi moi) and Maggi / Knorr cubes.

Stir the mixture very well and start putting the mix in your choice of containers or aluminum foil or umar wrap.

Add one egg piece per bowl/ aluminum foil/ uma wrap.

Corned beef pieces should be added this way too if chosen.

Pad the base of a big pot and set the moi moi containers in the pot, add a small quantity of boiling water and start cooking.

Add as small quantity of water as possible at a time while cooking the moi moi till it is done and don’t allow it to get burnt.

Serve eko or cornstarch.

Eko (cornstarch)

Cornstarch also known as Eko in Yoruba and Agidi in Ibo language is highly refined, corn flour. It is one of the staple diets among many tribes in Nigeria.  This food is rich in carbohydrate in form of starch and is easily digested and assimilated and also rich in vitamin B. It is low in protein, fat and vitamins. Consumption of cornstarch helps boost the memory system and attain maximum growth in children. It prevents intestinal disorders like indigestion and anaemia. 


Eko is an excellent food and is highly recommended for children, sportsmen, people that want to prevent heart diseases, hypercholestroamiae (increase in blood cholesterol) and arteriosclerosis (narrowing/blocking of artery of artery wall due to fat and cholesterol deposit.





Moi Moi

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