Moi Moi With Akamu


(Recipe For Good Health)

Written by Chinelo Nwagbo
21st June 2014

IF you are looking for a delicious, versatile, meatless, high protein food that could bring you good health, help prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and keep your weight in check, here is a solution to your problem. Moi moi served with ogi (pap) is highly nutritious and it supplies essential nutrients that are needed to promote good health and prevent diseases. 

It can be eaten separately but usually as an appendage with jollof rice, fried rice, fried plantain, fried yam, yam porridge, corn porridge (akamu) and cornstarch (agidi) among others.   

The basic ingredient that is used for the preparation of this dish is beans. Beans have more protein than most other vegetables, and full of energy-sustaining complex carbohydrates, folate and fibre and even provide good amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.  When considering the health benefits of beans, they should be known as “healthy people’s meat” instead of “poor people’s meat,” as they are often called. 

Studies have shown that eating beans as part of a healthy diet may help to manage diabetes, reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. Other studies suggest that eating beans may lower risk of cancer, heart disease and obesity. People who eat a lot of beans are less likely to have high blood pressure. Beans also contain health-boosting resistant starches, which promote intestinal health and prevent constipation. 

Eating moi moi helps in promoting good health, prevents diabetes (excess sugar in the blood), cancer, constipation (difficulty in evacuating faeces) and premature aging.   

Moimoi is an ideal food for students and people that are engaged in intellectual work because of its thiamin (vitamin B1) content, which helps the brain to function properly.     Intake of this food helps children to attain maximum growth and development.   

Menstruating women, who are at risk of iron deficiency, can also benefit from eating moi moi. It is also an ideal food for pregnant women for successful pregnancy and for prevention of birth defects. 

Take this nutritious food today and enjoy all its health benefits.

Ingredients        Quantities 

Beans 750g          (3 cigar cups) 

Bone marrow 

(optional)             ½ (half) kilo

Eggs (optional)     3 

Corned beef          1 tin

Sunflower Oil       3 cooking spoons 

Tatashe               8 medium size 

Crayfish               1 tablespoon 

Fresh Pepper         2 medium size 

Onions                  3 medium sized bulbs

Nutmeg                 1 piece

Salt                      to taste

Seasoning of Choice    3 cubes

Equipments for the preparation of moi moiCooking gas or electric or kerosene stove, bowl, spoons, knife, blender or grinding machine, aluminum foil or plastic bowls or umar leaves.

Method of preparing moi moi

Soak and wash the beans to remove the coat.

Place the beans in a bowl and pour enough water to cover it and leave to soak for three hours.

If you want to use egg, cook till hardboiled, cut into small pieces and set aside.

If you prefer bone marrow, cook it with salt and seasoning cubes.

If it is corned beef you will go for, open the can and separate the beef into small lumps.

Wash the onions, red pepper, crayfish, tatashe and remove the seed and set aside.

Blend the beans, tatashe, onions, crayfish, pepper and nutmeg together and put in a big bowl.

Prepare about half a litre of warm water. This will be used in mixing the moi moi.

Slowly add the warm water and stir the mixture at the same time.

Add more water if necessary, the mixture should have a pouring consistency, add salt to taste, 3 cooking spoons of sunflower oil, bone marrow stock (if this is what you have chosen to add to your moi moi) and seasoning cubes.

Stir the mixture very well and start putting the mix in umar wrap or choice of your containers or aluminum foil. 

Add one egg piece per umar wrap.

Corned beef pieces should be added this way too if chosen.

Pad the base of a big pot and set the moi moi containers in the pot, add a small quantity of boiling water and start cooking.

Add as small quantity of water as possible at a time while cooking the moi moi till it is done and don’t allow it to get burnt.

Serve with pap and enjoy.

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Moi Moi With Akamu

Moi Moi Served With Ogi (Pap)