Jollof Rice with Meat

Jollof Rice 1

Jollof Rice with Meat

Jollof rice is one of the foods consumed in Igbo land although jollof rice is very popular nourishment in West Africa but then extending to all over the world due to attentiveness given by big food companies like Uncle Ben, Mc Donalds, Mr Biggs, etc. The beauty of jollof rice is that you can add whatever you want to it during cooking to taste delicious. Even though that jollof rice is very easy to prepare but care should be taken for the taste to come out right. With too much ingredients it may taste funny but with right ingredients it will taste just right.

The trick of getting the right taste of jollof rice is that half way during cooking, you taste it, if you put too much salt, pepper, tomato, etc., all you do is to put more water and drain some of the water away to taste right.


Jollof Rice