I Wouldn’t Attack Rochas Okorocha Any Longer

I Wouldn’t Attack Rochas Okorocha Any Longer

I spent time to listen and watch the clips of the meeting Rochas had with the crème la crème of APC on 29th April at the IICC. I took time to underline and underscore every statement he made. I analyzed what he said and what he left unsaid. I read his mind and lips too. I observed his gestures, body language and mien. I deployed sensory detectors to deal with his inner thoughts, his probable troubles, intimate concerns and his mental strength.

I concluded that Rochas Okorocha has lost focus. He is not close to the target. He is punching the air as deadly blows are reined on his grandiose body. A fighter he is, an arrogant one for that matter, my hugely battered brother  will never give up until murder is committed in the ring. I think, I wouldn’t be associated with this. At this point, I sheathe my swords.  I am withdrawing from this unbalanced duel. Count me out!!!

I don’t want to commit fratricide

This resolve no doubt would surprise my readers. I have remained one of the most consistent critics of the entertainer-governor. I take no prisoners! But today, I have resolved to go home. I wouldn’t attack Rochas Okorocha any longer. I wouldn’t add more to his troubles. Imo state governor is weeping. He laments at every gathering. He cries his eyes out; telling whoever cares to listen how those he brought into his personal house (APC) have conspired to eject him. He points his fingers to all directions: Madumere-Ararume, Izunaso, Uwajimogu, Ololo, Opiah, Mbanaso etc! Quite agonizing. My Christian mind is restless.


Did he settle me? Did he offer me appointment? Were I threatened? The answers are capital NO!  I decided to stop attacking Rochas Okorocha because I am a good Christian. In Christianity, there is an injunction called “do to others what you would have them do to you’.

Many an observer had noticed a sudden radical change in the man Rochas Okorocha. Those who have political prophetic eyes have (of recent) seen through him, fear, insecurity and uncertainty. Rochas Okorocha the emperor is now a chronic complainant. He attacks his enemies at every opportunity thereby leaving a clear impression that his survival is dependent on his enemies’ benevolence. He is looking for sentiments. Rochas Okorocha, who hitherto commands a brigade, is currently saddled with platoon. It is becoming increasingly clear that he is losing the necessary grip.

A captain of an ill-fated ship, Rochas Okorocha is doomed. He has lost touch with the radar. Signals from Abuja have been tactfully blocked by his smart adversaries. He is flying blind. Those on board, are likely, his immediate family members. But Rochas Okorocha is not giving up. He is making fast and questionable concessions at the moment. He is trading off everything, all in an attempt to maintain and retain his political status. Check his list:

On 1st May, he gave automatic promotion to Imo workers. Note: he never promoted then since he became their governor. Also, he introduced ‘sleeping allowance’. Even though he finds it difficult to pay them full salary. He promised to forgive all who trespass against him as long as they show face in any of his meetings. He promised to pay gratuities and pensions before October ( that’s when the primaries would be over)

Even in a full scale war, there are rules and guidelines. One of the little things I picked up during my training in boxing was: don’t hit below the belt. Another was: don’t hit a man who is on the canvas! Rochas Okorocha my brother is on the canvas. The maximum ruler of Imo state is at his wits end. He is in trouble. He is near exhaustion. He is in dire need of help and resuscitation. Rochas Okorocha you knew is no longer the Rochas Okorocha you know.

Things have gone wrong within the shortest time. Our man, the once fire-spitting, boastful and loathsome dictator is on the ground already. Tell me why I should continue to rein punches on him? Tell me why I should persist with my attacks? In war, you don’t shoot a enemy whose hands are up. Rochas Okorocha has clearly and unmistakingly surrendered. He is defeated already.

The Rochas Okorocha who gave imolites impression that he could do without them, that he is above political destruction, that his words are final and that nobody could see his father ( Buhari) except through him is fast becoming  history. Accesses to Buhari are many and smoother.  Nobody needs to pass through Rochas Okorocha’ lane. Apian ways to Abuja are as many as there are gladiators using them.

The voice you hear from Douglas house is no longer that of an over-confident, no-nonsense, omnipotent /omniscient maximum ruler but that of a defrocked vicar. 

I am pretty sure that we are at the last lap of the Struggle. The remaining combat could be effectively handled by few warriors. The once over- bloated czar is on the ground already. Let’s roll out the drums.

My contribution to the post-Rochas Okorocha Imo is simple: to ensure that Rochasism and Familiocracy  are introduced as  courses in the two state universities. Generations after generations would be exposed to the most atrocious system of human-political administration, originated, and expounded by one of the most successful political hustlers East of the Niger.


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