“He Is The HOPE Of The Reasonable Nigerians”

“He Is The HOPE Of The Reasonable Nigerians” Not Politically But From The Decomposing British Created Structure: Nana Akufoh

Ghana president Nana Akufo Addo, was astonished when he saw the video of the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu that appeared and went viral online. He made a statement that “there is something divine behind this boy”

Furthermore, Nana Addo stated that “I will be punctually up and present to listen to the coming broadcast of the IPOB leader, that boy is the hope of every reasonable Nigerian most especially this time that the country is in a confused state with no remedy, Nnamdi Kanu is not a politicians but the hope of the region is on him to refabricate the decomposing structure created by the British”.

Akufoh Addo’s statement is striking and something to think about. It is true that right now Nigeria is going through some though turbulence, hunger, and poverty have taken over the so-called giant of Africa, a country rich with all sorts of human and natural resources with an active population that can transform the world. People like Kanu saw it that the leader of the country and those who preside over things are people that were brought up under colonial and slavery mentality, in that case, it will be difficult for the country to grow, it is true that the country Nigeria is a mish-mash of people with conflicting ideology, conflicting value system and there is no way the country will move forward and better than it is now because of the main problems.

The problem if Nigeria is not Buhari neither is it corruption it is a foundational problem that can be settled regionally, not until Nigeria take the proactive initiatives to drive the foundation that has eaten over the fabrics of the country by foundation and chase British indirect rule away from their system Nigeria will be like a ship that moves one step forward and three steps backward. A new president can not do anything better even if Buhari decides to step down or being voted out the next president will still find it difficult they will only pass time doing nothing, stealing from anything they can find and Nigerians will remain in poverty, starvation, and death.

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“He Is The HOPE Of The Reasonable Nigerians”

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