Haters: We Have No Regret,
Igbo is What We Are!

GREAT Ndi Igbo have no apology to tender for whom we are, Igbos had never in the history of its nationhood venture to ethnic cleansing or mass murder of any tribe, Igbos had not for once gave any ethnic region quit mandate, Or do YOU think other tribe dose not reside in Igbo land? If you think so " then it's to your ignorance' The way we live in other people's land so also Others live in our own land, that you 'ev not travel our of your town dose not mean that other are same as you, before you conclude on the thought that Igbos have no place to go when they leave your land, first ask your self this questions, where Exactly is Aba? Why is ever one travelling to buy their goods at Aba? From lagos, kano, sokoto, Ibadan, Warri, katsina, ekitti, calabba, Togo, Accra, Mali, Benin? Do you know about awka, abapa Nike, Onitcha, owelle, abakiliki, Nnewi, ekwuluobia, Omanbala, Enugu, Umuahia, Asaba,Eket, Emene, Ohaozalla, Tinapa, Agbor, Awushi etc?

Quit your primitive thought about Igbos, that we mind our business dose not make us unaware of our history, seeing something wrong with our presence in your ethnic land make's you underrated, If is wrong for Igbos to do business in any part of Nigeria or to buy land anywhere in Nigeria, why do you accept China people, Lebanese, India's, soughtAfricans? Why do YOU travel to U S A, UK, and other host Countries of the world, why not stay in your ethnic land and do all your business,

Let me ask you once again, did Igbos stop you from travelling to Igboland to buy and to sell, do we stop you from building houses in Igbo land or did Igbo force you to sell land to them in your town, is there no right of buy and sell any more or have envy and laziness and greed cover you sense of resoning

You disrespect us not because we offended you, I will say you do because you view our success with contempt, Igbos are not your problem, we never envy you even though you




control the polity and government, we are focused, we are not deter, we are Igbos, You know we will never bow to intimidation, we are aware that you control the media, no doubt You can lie and You can cover up, but we still believe that our victory is sure.

Boko haram killed our people You rejoiced, yam daba killed our people You hail them, million of Igbos killed because of your political ambition you defend the killing and the killers 

Dose it matter to you that those people killed has family like you, are they not human with hopes and desires, You politically taught your youth to kill and destroy life and property of my people, 

Most of us were not yet born during the civil war but we grow to witness the hatred You harbour towards us, can you count the Igbo blood you have shed? In all the Igbos that died in your hand will you be able to tell their offence to you, 

Stop lieying to your self we are not the cause of your shortfalls, we are not your problem, instead of you focusing on us, search deep inside, you will see where you have made mistakes

We are Igbos, we are stronger, Only Briton stand bettewen us, but remember, nothing last forever, you laugh today I may laugh tomorrow, you said table will never turn, but you know that Rome was once the world power 

Respect our right, respect us, we are not in contest with you, we are the master of our destiny, we are Igbos, we have no apology being Igbos, Igbo is whom we are, Igbo is our heritage 

Sir Chukwu Emeka Odumuegwu Ojukwu
Sir Chukwu Emeka Anyaoku
Sir Alex Ekwueme
Chief Mrs NGOZI Okonjo-Iweala



Igbo Day 17 (Photo by Okaa Omee)

Haters: We Have No Regret, Igbo is What We Are!

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