Going Back in Time, Before Nigeria was Created in 1914

Going Back in Time, Before Nigeria was Created in 1914

During the Biafra years before the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 by the British, Biafra has been in existence before then until the British trickily told them then that it was a trade amalgamation to joined us with others.

Otherwise King Jaja of Opobo fought with the British in 1878 and if they knew the true nature of the amalgamation in 1914, they would have fought the British again.

This shows the many liars of the British, when they told our people that it was a trade amalgamation, and then all of sadden it became the amalgamation of many nations into one.

This bell on your right hand side is used to inform the people that the enemies of Biafrans (British) has come.

Below is King Jaja's gun boat. For those of you who still believed in one Nigeria where were the Hausa's and the Yoruba's in 1878?

History is very important.

Ben Ngozi


King Jay Jay of OPOBO Bell
King Jay Jay of OPOBO Gun Boat
King Jaja of Opobo Stature
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