Fulani Vs Hausa: Deceit And Conquest

By Maduka Chinemelum Ogwueleka
7th July 2018

If you know the history of the Fulani and the Hausas, then you will understand why everyone in Nigeria are refusing them an inch of space in their backyard. 

The Hausas allowed ranches for the Fulbes and the Fulani used it to invade the Hausas at Gobir, renamed it Sokoto and used it as a staging ground to invade the Hausa bokwoi...the seven Hausa states. 

The Hausas lost their kingdoms. As a consequence, no Hausa man today is an Emir anywhere in Hausa land, even a Governor. None is a member of the Fulani centric Miyetti Allah, as the Fulani refused to assimilate the Hausas.

The Susu of Futa toro allowed ranches and the Fulani invaded them, the Mandinka of Futa Djalon allowed ranches and the Fulani also invaded them at futa djalon, 


Today the Hausas have lost their states and are now classed as the poorest people on earth and their land is listed by UNESCO as home to the highest concentration of children without access to education than anywhere else on earth .

That is the result of that mistake they made in trusting the violent invading Fulani with ranches at Gobir . 

Jos that is home to the Biroms is a story in progress. No Fulani settlement existed in Jos at the end of the civil war. From settlements in Jos North arranged by Ibrahim Babangida when he created a jos north local government,they are now killing the indigenous Birom people for their land today. 

None in Africa  speaks kindly of the Yemenite Fulbes who always end up invading their hosts, their reputation precedes them.


Fulani Vs Hausa: Deceit And Conquest

Fulani Vs Hausa
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