Fulani Militias Arrested In Benue State Today

Fulani Militias Arrested In Benue State Today

The above captured Fulani militias were arrested In Benue State. Buhari's Government knows where these Fulani Herdsmen have been Operating from and these arrests were made to Impress the US Government.

These Fulani Herdsmen were arrested today but within days Buhari will order their release, the same way over 8,200 arrested Boko Haram members were released by Buhari. Even some of Boko Haram members have been recruited into the Nigerian Military and Police, while the law-abiding Nigerians are roaming the street looking for employment.

Fulani Herdsmen have killed over 5,000 Nigerians since Buhari took over as a president of Nigeria. Buhari is the Life-Patron of Fulani Herdsmen Association.

Fulani Militias
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