Fulani Herdsmen Killings: Eating Of Cow Meat Should Be Prohibited In Biafraland

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press

The women wing of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Enugu State, Biafraland, has in their resolution recently, outrightly placed a ban on the consumption of cowmeat (beef) in families within Biafraland. According to the information obtained from the IPOB women in Enugu State, the embargo placed on the consumption of cowmeat is a necessitated and direct response to the spate of terroristic killing of Biafrans by the Fulani killer herdsmen. The women stressed that since the Fulanis in Nigeria in concert with those at the corridors of power, place premium value on cattle over and against human lives by incessantly killing Biafrans, it becomes expedient that corresponding response of outright ban on the consumption of cowmeat in the land be enforced.

The Enugu East Senatorial District IPOB Women Leader, Mrs. Veronica Nnamani while addressing Family Writers Press members during their last annual convention in Enugu, maintained that the IPOB Women in this part of Biafraland has totally banned all her members from visiting abattoirs for cowmeat related businesses. She stated that any woman seen contravening this order will be penalized accordingly. The IPOB Enugu women leader told the Family Writers Press that she wanted to utilize the opportunity afforded her during the annual convention, to declare the importance of every Biafran in the restoration struggle. She enjoined all families in the State, to rally round the IPOB Enugu women in this step of cowmeat rejection as a potent weapon against cow businesses of the Fulanis and their cohabitation with the people. The action of the women is a targeted quit notice to the Fulani terrorists from the land as they completely lack the basic values and etiquette of natural co-existence.




Mrs. Veronica Nnamani further stressed that the reason why the IPOB women is spearheading this cowmeat rejection/prohibition campaign in Biafraland is premised on women's responsibility of cooking delicacies in their homes and elsewhere during festivities. She encouraged all the IPOB women owners of restaurant businesses like herself, to clinically boycott the patronage of cowmeat sellers. She made it pointedly clear that chickens, goats and pigs amongst others, serve better alternatives than cowmeat whether for domestic/family consumption or restaurant businesses.

It is therefore necessary to bring to the notice of the general public, this latest and encouraging resolution of the IPOB Enugu State women wing. Biafrans all over Biafraland must take a queue from these women by totally rejecting cowmeat and their vendors/breeders. These Fulanis have over time, constituted disgusting nuisances and harm to Biafrans than whatever derivable advantage. It will be foolhardy in the light of this development for Biafrans to employ their hard earned resources in buying cowmeat which the Killer herdsmen terrorists who front as cow dealers, in turn utilize in procuring sophisticated weapons for the elimination of the people. The Fulanis with crazy impunity, invade farmlands with the cows under the complete protection of the Nigerian armed forces, as directed from the presidency.

There is absolutely no better time to take this action of cowmeat prohibition in the entire Biafra territory than now. This move just have to be fully supported and enforced to secure our future and that of the upcoming generation of Biafrans.



Fulani Herdsmen Killings: Eating Of Cow Meat Should Be Prohibited In Biafraland

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