Finally Guinea Declared War Against France
”Biafra may have to follow the steps to approach Russia”

Finally Guinea Declared War Against France

The Guinean President, Aipha Conde has said that France is preventing his country from development. President Conde said this during his visit to Russia. Let's get ready for the war against France to end the franc cfa, we are now going to do it by force the president said.

President Conde who signed arms’ agreement with Russia. The agreement which included:

* Missiles S300 and S400 Cruises and Tanks

* Anti missile missiles coming from France.

* Battle tanks with smart S700 missiles.

According to Russian President, Mr Putin, he said “the African Continent must be free from this neocolonialism at the cost of their lives or they will be driven away from their continent, and asks how you can be independent while your economy is in the hand of France government?

Mohamed doumbia for Guinea conakry news.


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