Ekiti State Gubernatorial Election: Did PVC Save the Day?

Hello PVC campaigners, what do you have to say on what happened in Ekiti state gubernatorial election? You guys want IPOB to join dirty Nigerian politics right? I hope you have monitored the election, please tell us your observations on the said election?

You want to vote out Buhari with mere PVC, this is in your dreams.

With 6 Helicopters,  250 Police Patrol Vehicle, 
30,000 Policemen,  5 Army Generals,
6 Police AIG,  300 DSS Officers,  35,000 Military officers,  65 Military vehicles, 165 Armoured Personnel Carrier Vehicles, 15,000 Civil Defense Personals for election.

For Buhari, election means war. 2019 general election is fast approaching and you believe using your PVC would get rid of Buhari.





* The zoo Nigerian PVC can be deceitful, it cant solve even your tinniest problem. The zoo Nigeria will use the PVC to mock at your stupidity. It is more dangerous than ebola virus stay clear support biafran referendum.

* The massage is clear the wise once have said it all. But the foolish once Will continue to dance in this grave yard called Nigeria. My prayers for them is for their lives and future and destiny to be like Nigeria.



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Ekiti State Gubernatorial Election: Did PVC Save the Day?

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