Ekiti State Election: We Call It Technical Victory And Not Rigging

In Nigeria, election has become a do or die affair!  Nigerians, you all are in one big almighty mess!

Get prepared for referendum and wake from your so called 'GET YOUR PVC JARGON'! because it will not save you!!



Adams Oshomole while responding to Journalists in Ekiti State. 

"Today, we're going to surprise PDP that people without trousers don't drag belt. If APC loses today's election, then I will resign as the APC National Chairman. We're winning the election either ways. Good or bad, we are winning Ekiti State election to send strong signals to the oil rich region states to get prepared ahead of 2019. Some Oil producing states must fall for APC and we're going to use Ekiti to clear their doubts that it won't be possible." - Adams Oshomole, APC Nations Chairman. 

Adams Oshomole when asked, "what if PDP wins Ekiti State?" And he replied, "not when we're in control of the cental. We own the INEC, we own the police, we own the soldiers and we have dispatched the needed tools to do clean job for us. So, what gives PDP hope, I still don't even know. The best PDP can do is to go to court and we're waiting PDP at the Court level." 



When asked "why rigging when free and fair election brought him into power? " Adams Oshomole said, "I was never brought into office through free, fair and credible election. I was rigged out by obasanjo-PDP in favour of Prof. Osunbor who never got 10% of votes and we went Court and court gave me victory which PDP will also need to taste too. If we rig them out, they should go and seek for victory in the court of law. PDP must fall completely."

And when asked, "why is rigging the only option here? " And Adams Oshomole said, "you may call it rigging but, to me, it is called technical victory. PDP taught us what we're about to carry out practically today."

And when asked, "is this part of the change APC promised before coming to Power?" And Adams Oshomole replied, "change is change. The e promised change and we're about changing it for PDP. PDP did worse than this. PDP won election without votes. And today, we offer the electorates the opportunity to exercise their franchise. And after that, we call results. Is anything wrong about that? PDP must learn from this lesson we're about to teach its men who destroyed the country for the past 16 years we're building."

And when asked about the herdsmen menace, Oshomole said, "the same PDP we're about to chase out of Ekiti State is not far from the killings. Just be patient with us. When we're done chasing PDP out of Nigeria, you'll never hear of unjust killings again. PDP men should know that their reign is over in 2019. We must rig them out to make Nigeria whole."



Ekiti State Election: We Call It Technical Victory And Not Rigging

Adams Oshomole
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