Cheering On Buhari While Embarrassing Himself

Cheering On Buhari While Embarrassing Himself

From Femi Fani-Kayode

Two years ago in London you clapped for Prime Minister David Cameron when he said, in your presence, that the Nigerian people were "fantastically corrupt!"

Not long after that you went back to London and said that Nigerians that live abroad are criminals.

Today in London you tell a group of foreigners that Nigerian youths are lazy illiterates who do nothing and who expect to be given everything for free.

What type of leader takes pleasure in slandering, shaming, denigrating and humilating his own people before the world?

What type of man tells foreigners that his own children and youths are lazy and unproductive?

You have destroyed your own people and shamed them before the world!


Lazy Youth 1
Nigeria Lazy Youth


Hard Worker 1
Hard Worker


Buhari vs Jonathan on Youth


* Buhari's criticism of the youths

The fact about the President's criticism of the youths is based on the only world Mr President knows - the North. He is a conservative Fulani Muslim and part of the Northern elites whose culture is to keep the youths away from education and keep them idle so that they can always incite them to action as in 2011 Presidential election. He is part of the Northern elites who tell their youths that the oil in the south is theirs and they don't need to do anything. That is why, he and other Northern oligarchs would rather die than see Nigeria restructured along regional lines with regions controlling their resources. That is why he has kept the resolutions of the 2014 constitutional conference in the bin.

Lucky Mohammadu Buhari - he found his way into the army and the rest is history. However, he can help his northern youths by showing them his WAEC certificate and asking his son and nephew to go and look for work.


Lazy Youth 2
Lazy Youths


Hard Worker 2
Hard Worker


* Buhari and Uneducated Youths

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday said many Nigerian youths are uneducated, not ready to work and dependent on revenue from oil to survive.

He said the youths, who make up 60 per cent of the population, were waiting to get social amenities free without doing anything.

The President spoke during a panel discussion at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Westminster, London.

Former president Atiku Abubakar has now reacted via his Twitter account.

I will never refer to Nigeria’s youth as people who sit and do nothing. They are hardworking. I should know, I have thousands of youths working for me all over the country who have been the backbone to our success. he tweeted.


Lazy Youth 3
Lazy Youth


Hard Worker 3
Hard Worker



* Lazy Youths

Buhari Did Not Understand The Question On "FREE TRADE" - Commonwealth Officials.

"Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari Did Not Understand the Question on, "FREE TRADE" And Mistakingly Talked About Nigerian Youths Being Lazy, Uneducated and Expecting "FREEE BENEFITS" From Their Govt. - Hope For Nigeria



* President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda

Buhari is the most useless President that ever happens to that great country Nigeria .YOWERI MUSEVENI of Uganda said

A leader should not expose his citizens, Nigeria is a great and an outstanding country in Africa because of the youth of that country

 our people have an Africanized social life all over Africa is because Nigerian youth put their full hardworking efforts look at the movie industry and most outstanding the music industry.... Buhari can never outgrow the slave and master mentality, He keeps talking bad about his people any time he makes a trip.

Britain is there to exploit and steal just what they are known for. He seizes to understand that Britain created that country and gave it all the flaws that will never make it grow beyond a limit. Nigerians will vote him out it is obvious there is nothing Britain can do about it..

If he Tries to annul or rig the election he will face a wide loss of legitimacy Nigerians are patiently waiting to send him back to retirement:

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Buhari Hard Working Wife and Daughters
Buhari Hard Working Wife and Daughters



Four times Buhari take im mouth finish Nigerians for abroad

 20 April 2018

 Aisha Buhari one time don criticize her husband goment

For di three years of im goment, President Muhammadu Buhari supporters go swear say im don change di kontri but odas go say e no do natin.

But one tin wey e be like im don dey master, na how to talk tins wey go provoke many pipo for Nigeria, and e dey always talk am wen e don travel comot go anoda kontri.

On Wednesday for London, e talk say Nigerians youths no wan go school and na so so awoof dem want.

Dis no be first time Buhari don carry provoke talk come. Make we look im history of dis kain behaviour.

Nigerians react to President Buhari wey say youths too like awoof

Aisha Buhari na opposition to President Buhari - Nigerians

Aisha place for house

14 October 2016. Berlin

Nigeria first lady Aisha Buhari belong for house, according to her husband

For one joint press conference with one of di most powerful women for di world, Germany leader Angela Merkel, Buhari ansa to one question about im wife Aisha wey criticize im goment don become very popular for Nigeria.

''She belong to my kitchen, she belong to my living room and she belong to di oda room,'' na im Buhari talk wey many pipo for social media don take do play-play.

Yes, we dey fantastically corrupt

May 2016. London

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron bin dey talk for one big corruption conference but im no know say im microphone still dey on.

Buhari no too dey bad mouth Nigerians when e dey im kontri

When Cameron bin tell di Queen say 'Nigeria dey fantastically corrup', many pipo for Nigerian and International community vex but as Buhari dey dia, pipo believe say e go give response to Cameron say na lie e talk.

Imagine di surprise of many Nigerians wen dia own president come talk for interview say Cameron talk am as

Youths like Awoof

April 2018. London

For inside bizness meeting during Commonwealth summit for London, wia kontri leaders dem suppose talk how to grow dia economy and ginger pipo to invest for dia kontri, Buhari tell di world say di youths of im kontri no wan go school.

E say youths of im kontri too like awoof.

"A lot of dem [youths] no gree go school, and dem dey claim say Nigeria na oil producing kontri, therefore dem go sidon no do anytin, and get housing, healthcare, education for free," talk Buhari.

July 2015. Washington D.C.

Buhari just become president and during one official visit to di US, im give speech ontop Nigeria security and terrorism for di United States Institute of Peace (USIP).

Wen e finish, dem ask am about how im goment go take handle mata of Niger Delta as e relate to amnesty, bunkering and to carry everibodi along. Buhari say pipo wey give am 5% [of di vote] no fit get di same treatment with di pipo wey give am 97%.


Lazy Youths 4
Lazy Youths


* Ali Gumel Wrote:

I know I'm not the first to say this; but thank God PMB won the general elections in 2015, else, we would be here saying things like; "If only we gave Buhari a chance....bla....bla...bla...". We would be here thinking we missed an opportunity for a better Nigeria. Alas, almost 3 years after, things have not changed for the better; some even say they have become worse and honestly you can't really argue against that. Cos, if you look at the current security situation. although BH's capabilities have been relatively dented, the spate of violence in Benue, Taraba, Zamfara and the latest fuel scarcity crisis; one can conclude that the more things change, the more the remain the same. PMB's administration enjoyed the weakest opposition, as the erstwhile "Almighty" PDP have been relegated to near non-existence, perhaps, his administration's failure might come down to his own avoidable mistakes and insensitivity to the plight of the Nigerian people.

Imagine a president that needs to be pressured before visiting a state where 100s of citizens were massacred; at times it takes him days to even acknowledge it happened. His aides will then come out and start comparing tragedies and lives during the past admin with their own, imagine!! Sometimes, they go as low as accusing state governors of playing politics, just to make the president look bad. But I say, isn't it the responsibility of the president to look beyond politics and sentiments and make sure every citizen is protected no matter what? Isn't this what we all condemned during GEJ's regime? PMB's sympathizers keep making up excuses for him, despite seeing his obvious lapses in many aspects of governance.

PMB's outbursts don't do him any favours as well. Imagine the recent one in the UK where he tagged Nigerian youths as lazy and impatient, really? that should be the last nail in his coffin and Nigerian youths should ensure that it happens. Cos, how do you expect the average nigerian youth to be patient when he sees no hope in his future, or that of his children. How will he be patient, when he knows that, in case he has a motorbike accident, there won't be provision for him to be flown out to Germany for proper treatment, and the hospitals in Nigeria are not equipped to handle his case; and he might eventually be disabled for life or even worse, die!!! No, PMB we are not patient, because we work really very hard, and yet we see no change in our social welfare that ought to be improved by you.

The president is touted to be incorruptible and honest, sorry Mr. President, it is not enough. We need a president that is free from favoritism and nepotism, that is sensitive to our plight and most importantly, a person of our generation that understands our needs. We gave PMB a chance and he blew it! (Awon Morata)





Ahmed Sani Writes

This Evening We did Operation Burning of Brooms In KANO STATE Ahead of 2019, Whoever that is Praising BUHARI for Calling Nigerian Youth Lazy will face the same music.

BUHARI Has killed himself with his own Hands, Youth's across the Country will sacrifice even thier last drop of Blood to Boot BUHARI out from that seat. He is indeed Shameless to call us Lazy.

All 36 States of the Federation should replicate this from Us because, It's Operation Start Burning the Brooms Because We are Not Lazy.

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