Biafrans Should Be Allowed To Go If They’re Tired Of One Nigeria – Northern Elders

Biafrans Should Be Allowed To Go If They’re Tired Of One Nigeria – Northern Elders

The Northern Elders have made a U-turn on the Biafra agitation.

Speaking through one of the vocal voices and National Chairman of the Northern Elders Forum Prof Ango Abdullahi the northern elder said if the Igbo are tired in remaining in Nigeria, they should be allowed to leave.

He stated this while answering questions in an interview with Daily Sun. Professor Ango said he said it openly in front of the Vice President of Nigeria Prof Yemi Osinbajo that he supports Biafra in line with the principle of self-determination.

He said: ”I do if the Igbo want it. If the people of Igbo want Biafra I support them. I said this in front of the Vice-President that I support Biafra if the people of Biafra want Biafra according to the principles of self determination as agreed in the United Nations. It is a convention people should have their self determination.



See what is happening…I mean South Sudan had self determination and Nigerians if they are tired because I have said so openly that if Nigerian elites particularly those who are creating all the problems we are having today if they feel that we cannot sit down and talk honestly…

”Yes I am and I am saying we should sit down and face each other and say we want one Nigeria. If we say we want one Nigeria okay let’s sit down and discuss how we will get along with the job of creating one Nigeria. But if at some point we feel that one Nigeria will not be possible except on individual terms, not on collective terms then I am in favour of quietly and peacefully going our different ways. That is what I have said. I still say so.” he said.

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Prof Ango Abdullahi
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