Biafra Referendum

IPOB's strategy is second to none, don't mind those singing for coalition, this referendum move kills everything that the zoo Nigeria and her ally saboteurs in Biafra land had ever dreamed of. We must remain resolute!


The global happening is a progressive one. International system doesn't wait for mental dogmatism as the world is progressively propelled presently by liberalism which is disadvantageous to apostles of status quo. Those who believe in the strategy of "otu esi eme ya" (how is being done) have been giving a deep shock by present developments against their colloquialisms.

It is the ardent strategy of IPOB to move against monumental traditional approaches of seeking for Biafra restoration that has earned her the great respect and trust she enjoys today. It is important to state here that IPOB strategy is dualism in approach. While she engages conventionally like the legal processes, she equally engages unconventionally through various ways that are strange to Nigeria and her handlers. That is a wonderful strategy of fighting a man in his familiar and unfamiliar terrains same time. Though results oriented, but I do know it is resources expensive. 

Today (19/6/2018), the entire mainstream news platforms in Nigeria reported of "the 40 million Biafra referendum materials"  presently on its production stage. Remember, this information was not brought to the mainstream media via intelligence bursting of this plan by DSS or NIA, rather a willful disclosures from IPOB news desk. This is a great soft approach with voluminous results. The failure of the intelligence circle not to break the news as intelligent gathering and give a warning to that effect is indeed an institutional failures on their side.  For IPOB to smoothly gathered a press conference for this,  is another defeat to Nigeria state as the headlines were "IPOB GIVES PLANS FOR BIAFRA REFERENDUM", "IPOB PRINTS 40 MILLION BIAFRA REFERENDUM MATERIAL", "OUR CALL FOR REFERENDUM IS NOT A CALL FOR WAR IPOB STATES" and other cordial ones. It would have been psychological traumatising if the printing of the material news came from the DSS or NIA. The headlines would have been "BURSTED: DSS UNCOVERS PLAN BY THE OUTLAWED IPOB TO CONDUCT REFERENDUM" and other folly headlines. The ability of IPOB to preinformed Biafrans, Nigerians and the world remains good game played!  Win game!! 


I stand to be corrected if I say here that "UN has not created any country ". Countries are created via interests of world powers.  It is their interests conflicts which the overriding interests are called "UN creation". Before you yank at my position, let me unveil my historical  authorities on the above assertion. In 1948 announcement of State of Israel,



Biafra Referendum

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there was 1917 conflicts arising from US and Britain which led to the Balfour Declaration of 1917. It was to achieve detente that led to the various UN resolutions in support of "Jewish homeland" not state of Israel. While UN was in her endless resolutions, UN in 1948 saw to the creation of the state of Israel. Though not recognized by UN, the 1948 US and France supported idea stood till date as state of Israel. UN later had no option than to recognized it! 

Do you know that what you know today as North and South Korea were not created by UN? It was the conflicting interests between Russia, China on one side and US and her allies that gave birth to these nations.  UN only came to cement the deal through armistice. In Africa,  the south Sudan emergence as a nation state in Africa was due to Israel's plan through US to weaken the formal Islamic controlled Sudan. While US supported the division, China and others were opposing that. When UN noticed she was helpless on the case,  she stepped in to perfect US plan via referendum. What of the Kosovo from Bosnia?  Did you think UN created her?  Absolutely NO!  She came in existence via NATO group and WARSAW group confrontations. UN only came in to cement the victor part and Kosovo was birthed.

The worst we can do is to wait for UN to give us referendum date. Rubbish! They will finally come as she always come lately.  The referendum is timely and strategic. (1) if it is disrupted by the Nigerian state,  it then means NO NIGERIA ELECTION WILL TAKE PLACE IN BIAFRALAND AS WE WILL MAKE SURE WE ACHIEVE THAT (2) the world can now see that Nigeria has repelled all our pacific and peaceful approaches,  then we can go haywire with them (3) if the referendum goes uninterrupted,  the result of it is favourable to Biafra as it will be a tool we present to the world as the will of the people. That will be a great tool for IPOB to present to the world. 

For those of us who don't follow often international development,  you can see that the new Spanish Prime Minister is discussing with Catalonia now as there is no how Spain could run away from peoples will.  In fact Biafra referendum will mean an end to the saboteurs in our means. It will be a colossal damage to them. In fact the referendum announcement is strong determinant factor to the 2019 election. I do know that IPOB announcement is shaping the decision of Nigeria  politicians of Biafra extraction. 

EU, US and the rests of others have not failed in proposing for peaceful way of resolving Biafra issue which Nigeria doesn't want to engage IPOB due to her fear of IPOB uncompromised position on total Biafra restoration. The failure of IPOB to fall into the coalition trap got everything messy for Nigeria. The referendum will humble Nigeria into negotiating table. The foolish thing and miscalculation we can do now is to wait and hope for UN that US is pulling out from .  With US,  EU and Israel on our side,  UN will finally come to us. What we need now is focus and doggedness.



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