Biafra As An African Philosophy;
A Critical Analysis

Biafra As An African Philosophy; A Critical Analysis

By Peter Nonso Ikeh

Greater number of people have been trying to learn what Biafra actually represents. Biafra is a name which was first introduced by Europeans in expedition more than 500 years ago. After the amalgamation of Nigeria as Northern and Southern protectorate in 1914 by Lord F. Ludgard. Biafra as a people and an independence georaphical area went into extinction. And came into play as a result of the need to salvage the situation of the Eastern region people living in the North and some other part of Nigeria in the early and mid 60s. The name of the New Country was introduced as Biafra just as was suggested by Frank Opigo a school teacher and a school Principal from Okirika in River state (Igweocha). And it was adopted in consensus by the leaders of the Eastern region (Eastern Consultative forum).

Biafra is not only a geographical areas, it is a Philosophy, as well as an ideology. As a philosophy, it is an African philosophy and one of the implicit assumptions of Biafra as philosophy is that Biafran philosophy is a philosophy of Biafrans as a people. It is a Philosophy for Biafrans as a people with specific culture, and a philosophy that is not applicable and accessible to all peoples and cultures in the world (such as mothers that ties two rappers). Biafran philosophy is African philosophy in the same perspective as Ubuntu,Negritude, Uhuru, Ujama and apartheid in South Africa and transitional justice. 

As African philosophy, it can be categorised or regarded as a group property of Ethnophilophy. This is because Biafranphilosophy is a communal/collective discourse and analysis on Biafra. Biafran philosophy is therefore communal, in the sense that it does not focus on any individual in particular.

African Philosophy can be formally defined as a critical thinking and analysis by Africans on their experiences of reality. K.C. Anyanwu defined African philosophy as "that which concerns itself with the way in which African people of the past and present make sense of their destiny and of the world in which they live." In this regard, Biafran philosophy is a
critical reflection on



Biafran people in the administration of their duties towards their citizens; their success and failures and possible solutions to their problems based on their experience as a member of British union called Nigeria, mostly those basic disagreement that concerns the people as a people.

What makes Biafran philosophy an African Philosophy is based on its content and its distinctive methods, just like other African philosophy:

  1. African Philosophy is either particular or universal (communal) but mainly communal. Biafran Philosophy is therefore a communal idea just like other Ethnophilosophy.
  2. It was generally acceptable for the people of Biafra (Biafra is in Africa) based on the need for the freedom of Biafran people. 
  3. It involves Biafran themes, methods and Biafran people's perception of person, time and space.

In conclusion, philosophy is a study of the way by which stuffs/things were made, human existence, and the place of human being in the world. All of these can be found in Biafran ideology.



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