Biafra: We Must Go Back To Africanism And The Time Is Now...Biafra Urges Other African Nations

"Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set." - Proverbs 22:28

When people deny their culture and respect other peoples' way of life, they do not only become slaves but also lose the blessings their ancestors have placed on observing those values.

Get it right, Africanism is the identity of Africans, our culture, values, and norms; it has many things right about it and things wrong about it too. But just as Christ came and modified the laws of Moses, the European advent was supposed to bring modifications in some of our values and not a complete destruction and eradication of it.

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Get it right too: Europeans do not mean Christ To Africans as some might want to infer due to the citation above.

Just like the Europeans learnt so much from Africans in the areas of politics, medicine, and social skills, they (Europeans) only modified their own culture with those lessons; in the same manner, Africans who learnt various things from Europeans and Americans mostly in the areas of religion, architecture, technology, and science, are supposed to integrate it into their system while still retaining their culture.

This is because, any nation that removes her ancient landmark, it is easy to conquer them, their global influence diminishes and their uniqueness withers away.

China is a good example of this instance. Her insistence on her culture and values has gained her a prestigious place in the global world today. Despite the efforts made by the West, China has ensured that her people prefer to eat with sticks than spoon and fork, she has resisted Islam, homosexuality, and other negative influences the West has attempted to force on her.

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In the unfortunate case of Africa, we completely lost the humanity in us: our being, our values, norms, languages, our pride. We lost till we lost the African in us.

Africa, the most blessed continent in the world, currently sustaining the economies of Europe, North America and to some extent, Asia, lost herself when Western aliens impose ungodly men in power and keep them sustained in power just to milk us dry.

O! Africa, what has become of you since you forsook your origin? What have you gained since you thought that your forefathers worshiped idols not God? The people that enslaved you deceived you to forsake your origin in order to gain your land and lure you into condemning your origin and your identity.

Today, the Queen of England has stayed in power more than any African leader. If the evil Queen of England had been African, the West would have connived with her opposition to disgrace her out of power just like they did to Gaddafi of Libya. If Saint Augustine was a Kenyan, he will not have been deemed chaste enough to be a saint and if Francis was from Angola, he would not have been holy enough to be a Pope.


In Europe, nations as small as 2 states in Nigeria are independent countries while unity is forced between Nigeria and Biafra for the benefit of the West. They divide to rule us in emphasizing our tribal differences while they are more distinct in origin than we.

AFRICA WHY!!! Some of you are dying in the sea just to gain a cheap entry into Europe, some are sex slaves to old white women who are old enough to be their grandmother.  All these are happening because you forsook your origin because you started to answer white colonialists names that don't mean anything in your language or culture.

From time immemorial, you were made to be black but some have turned to 'bleaching' their skin. Africa, come back to your culture, inherit your origin and be proud.


The time is now for African nations to stand and fight back the white supremacist ideologies imbibed in the minds of the people through well planned and executed mind conditioning strategies, to take back Africa.

Remember the white colonialists do not have your interest in mind. If they pretend to do, check well, they want to take something from your land. We can take back Africa, we can make it strong, we can bring back the beauty of Africa only if we stand as one. Let us be AFRICANS INDEED!

Written by Ejike Ofoegbu and Somuadila Ugwummadu. Published By IkeChukwu NwaOrisa
For Biafra Writers.


Biafra: We Must Go Back To Africanism And The Time Is Now...Biafra Urges Other African Nations

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