Biafra: Suspension of Ruga,
A Sugar-Coated Poison

Author : Chimaobim Nnanna
Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
Date:  15th July 2019

With the current wave of joy sweeping all over the none Hausa-Fulani dominated areas of Nigeria over the federal government's suspension of the proposed RUGA settlements, it is of extreme importance to let everyone know what it really means to suspend the RUGA settlements establishment.

First and foremost, what is SUSPENSION? The suspension is a TEMPORARY, conditional DELAY, interruption or discontinuation of something. Which means that the suspension of the proposed RUGA settlements is just for a while, to enable them to strategize and come back with FULL FORCE.

It can be recalled that over the last few weeks, the federal government of Nigeria openly dished out a whopping sum of 100 billion nairas to these same terrorists and third deadliest killing machines in the whole world, Fulani herdsmen. 

Now, will it be a surprise that after just a few weeks later the same government proposed to establish a settlement for them? The kind of settlement that will give them the rights to own those areas of land they dwell in FOREVER. That means, planting Fulani people into every indigenous population in Nigeria as a worm to slowly eat into the foundations of the nations should they have their independence from Nigeria and govern themselves. It means that no matter whatever country you secede to become, just a matter of time it will become another even deadlier Nigeria as Fulani people will kill their way through to dominate and their dirty and evil works.

Apparently, judging by the reactions, actions, and in-actions of the Nigerian government toward these Fulani people, it is clear to see that these people are pushing with full force their Islamization and Fulanization agenda. It can be recalled that Buhari when he was alive, confessed that he will continue to show commitment to the total sharia implementation and Islamization of Nigeria. 

About Boko Haram which is still the same Fulani people terrorizing people, he said, "AN ATTACK AGAINST BOKO HARAM IS AN ATTACK AGAINST THE NORTH". So judging by these, one can see that these are same people pushing from different angles one singular purpose and that, can never be tolerated by the indigenous people who found themselves in the enclave called Nigeria

Lastly, I want to sound a warning to every indigenous person of the none dominated areas of Nigeria especially the Biafran people to be very vigilant and battle ready because these people are coming back with a deadlier approach. I'm not here to ask them to abolish their RUGA plans because I know they will never dream of doing it. They rather die than stop what they are doing. So I that is why I must sound this warning to everyone especially the Biafrans to battle-ready because, if we fail to keep this land unstained with Fulani nomadic domination freaks, this HOLY LAND OF Biafra will strike us all dead.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 
For Umuchiukwu Writers .



Biafra: Suspension Of Ruga, A Sugar-Coated Poison

RUGA Poison

Not Your Friend...

With Fulani Herdsmen terrorising all parts of Nigeria, killing, raping and invading lands across the Occupied Territories of Nigeria, what exactly is the job of the Nigerian Police? In what way have the police been useful to the Nigerian? Why keep, feed, and fund 400,000 absolutely useless bunch of gun-wielding Early Men that have less than zero value to Security in Nigeria? What exactly is the function of the Nigerian Police, really? 

332 billion Naira for the Nigerian Police in 2018...resulting in greater insecurity! 

And the Nigerian Police is only answerable to the Nigerian President! Great! 

The unitary system is the greatest promoter of insecurity! The regions and the cities must be in charge of their own security. To stave off the Bandits, the Bokos and the Fulani Terrorism, security MUST be local and locally sponsored. 

The Nigerian Police is definitely NOT your friend! 

We must have our #autonomousRegions now... Or we shall burst spectacularly! 


Baron Roy



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