Biafra: Reasons For Global Crisis, Hinge Principally On The Cynicism Associated With The Sovereignty Of Nations

Biafra: Reasons For Global Crisis, Hinge Principally On The Cynicism Associated With The Sovereignty Of Nations

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press
7th May 2018

Clinical assessment of the immoral treatments meted out to various indigenous people groups agitating globally, for political emancipation of their territories today, are the reasons for diverse upheavals as being recorded. The rate at which these indigenous groups and communities are subjected to varying degrees of denials and oppressions are really alarming. We have outbursts of civil unrests as means of expression for all the plights being suffered. It is important to clearly state here that if the distinguished world bodies/governments like the United Nations, European Union, African Union, the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom amongst others, indicate willingness to tenaciously addressing these threats to global peace, it is then time to expeditiously modify the subsisting protocols governing the sovereignty of nations. The modification is of utmost importance if the general well being of mankind should be secured, by totally rendering the hard nature of these sovereign nations ineffectual. The composition of the governing protocols of these nations has brazenly become tragical to humanity whose rights to life and justice are consistently being trampled underfoot. The world needs a flexibly workable mechanism that will ensure accessibility and unbiased assistance to the aggrieved indigenous people spread across the globe. Examples of such include: the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Catalonians, Amazonians, Quebecs, Palestinians, et cetera. Except the anticipated is driven to a total overhaul, there will definitely not be any of the emerging nations that will enjoy the sovereignty under reference.

The International community therefore, needs urgency to step into this modification mechanism of the governing protocols of the sovereignty of nations if the impending global catastrophe should be forestalled. The Biafran people in the West African sub-region particularly, have been steadily subjected to excruciating manners of sufferings, deprivations victimizations and decimations in the hands of the Nigerian government. The Catalonians are yet suffering in the hands of the Spanish government, the Amazonians are experiencing same from the Cameroonian government and so continues the story elsewhere. The worst tragedy associated with this absurdity called protocols of sovereignty of nations, is purely against the people of Biafra. These are indigenous people that were forced into a genocidal war between 1967 and 1970, which claimed over 3.5 million lives as a result of their demand for independence from Nigeria. The same enslavement policies that culminated into that war, has remained persistent till date. The heightened cynicism and arrant disregard of the global community represented in these salient organisations/governments like the United Nations, European Union, African Union, the governments of the United States of America, United Kingdom, France and Germany, are exceptionally unfortunate. The plights of the groaning humanity need to be given prompt, detailed, unbiased and premium consideration rather than maintaining the subsisting obsolete protocol of sovereignty of slavery. The lives of Biafrans amongst other oppressed indigenous people groups elsewhere, are daily being wasted due to agitations for full and unfettered restoration of their homeland.

Catalonians have explored all known civil avenues of bloodless agitations in their quest to peacefully secede from Spain which has remained impressively defiant. Catalonia had conducted peaceful and successful referendum, but associated distrust with the unproductive obsolete protocol of the Spanish government has proudly impeded the expected global assistance to the Catalonian people. The world has lost the requisite boldness of granting release to the people without the Spanish government. These lawless countries and governments like Nigeria and Spain, hide under the cloak of sovereignty and impunity, to perpetrate evil against the people, which if not stemmed, will consume all in no distant period. The United Nations should not fail in it's obligations to humanity, to abrogate and modify some of these dehumanizing policies that inhibit some willing countries like the United States of America etc, to comprehensively intervene to render help to the oppressed people crying out for freedom.

The United Nations should realize that the world will be a peaceful and prosperous place to live in if all the regions stuttering under the weight of these sovereign nations, expeditiously promulgates very definitive and enabling laws, demanding and ensuring that unfettered independence and restoration be granted to the concerned. It is the height of injustice and wickedness for the global community to be giving support to Nigeria and Spain against Biafrans and Catalonians despite all that have been suffered in their respective struggles for political independence. There is absolutely no treasure in the adored sovereignty of nations that is ostensibly instituted to service lawlessness instead fighting for and aiding human dignity. The legitimacy of the cries for freedom of all oppressed indigenous peoples from different regions and continents, resonating globally should be a source of concern to the United Nations. Now is the time for the world to comprehensively evaluate the relevance of it's charters, statutes and treaties vis-a-vis  the well-being of humanity.

Human beings are not made for laws but rather the opposite. It is unfortunate to state here that Biafrans and Catalonians specifically, have been made to service the interests of the sovereignty of nations over the years with anguish and deprivations. This is most callous and disappointing on the path of the global political players and must be corrected.

Enough of this global disgust and insincerity!

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

~ Biafra Herald



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