Biafra: Duty Calls; Southeast Elites Should Emulate Ibori and Dickson

Biafra: Duty Calls; Southeast Elites Should Emulate Ibori And Dickson

By Cheta Chiukwuebuka 
Editor Ezekwereogu John 
Retweet: umuchiukwu_writ 

While reading the persuasive words from Chief James Onanefe Ibori published on vanguard news,  dated 5 March 2018, I submissively agreed that we still have responsible people in the political class of the contraption called Nigeria. 

Emulation is not a bad omen so long it's positively effective. The recent concern displayed by Gov. Dickson and former Gov. James Ibori on the part of the referendum are worth emulating. The so-called Southeast elites must emulate the duo who has confidently and courageously declared support for a referendum in their zones.

The responsibility of an elder is to ensure that plights and rights of his children are protected and accomplished. This very responsibility has been neglected by our reckless and undeserving elders. On the contrary, the boldness of Ibori and gov. Dickson encapsulates greater hope and such must be emulated by some biased elites in the southeast politically and otherwise.

It is unwise for Ohaneze ndi Igbo and other cowards of their like manners to endorse the maiming,  killings and all another manner of subjugation apportioned on the people of Biafra, while they except applause and congratulatory letters. We must disgrace them and compel them to do the needful. 

 the Biafrans salute the courage of these men in the persons of Chief James Onanefe Ibori and Henry Seriake Dickson and we encourage you all, unlike Ohaneze's who sheepishly follow their slave masters, Biafra land is our task to protect us an not even the Ohaneze or Buhari himself can stop this mandate,  we are putting the whole world on  notice that we need nothing other than Biafra, we shall fight till the last tip of our blood not until Biafra is totally emancipated

It is not late for the biased elites to make up and rise up to their responsibilities. This very expression has confidently proven that the call for a referendum is not a call for war. Therefore, time to endorse the right people and right decisions has come. The earlier they learn to respect the plights of the people, the better for us all.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 



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