Biafra: Divide and Rule (Southeast/south), A Strategy that is Deceiving Many

■ Author:  Utiung Mathias 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 10th  September 2018

As much as I know, a house divided against itself can simply be manipulated by enemies. Thousand years ago, Biafrans existed harmoniously, until the divide and rule tactics were mischievously made in through the northerners. This is a great weapon of warfare which my people refused to see. Before this strategy came to play, we owned and controlled everything about us; however, we have become losers to our enemies because we allowed them to manipulate us against ourselves.

Our region known as south~south today was a creation of the northerners in 1966/7 for the sake of disunity we face today, not just disunity to win the war but to also take away our resources, manpower, and economic future. 

The so-called south~south was a creation of the northerners for the effective management of Northern interest in Eastern Nigeria. While we were busy differentiating ourselves from Igbos speaking Biafrans saying that they are wicked and are trying to kill, colonize, and impose Biafra on us in order to take over our resources' the Northerners are joyously taking over and owning 85% of our oil wells, while the west takes the left over. The truth is that our region was broken into two so as to ensure disunity amongst us. So why do we claim to be two different people when in essence, we have been one and the same people for over 1,000 years before the arrival of the colonists?



Biafra: Divide and Rule (Southeast/south), A Strategy that is Deceiving Many

Let's come to reality now, assuming the very worst situation in this supposed fracas between us and our Igbo brothers; Why are we worried about Igbos taking over our resources? Are We Presently In Control Of Our Natural Resources? How does it makes sense that our natural resources are controlled by aliens from over 700miles away? Or are you saying that It's better for any of us to own or control our resources simply because we think we don't trust our brothers?

yet we do nothing about the aliens who have ripped us apart. Even while we are senselessly worried about how Igbo speaking Biafrans will colonize our people because that's what we were told and made to believe, and they are still telling us; But can we sincerely confirm this? How come people of the same culture get so separated? Why do we still allow this senseless fabricated lies to go this far?
To keep you informed, our separation was a creation of the north for effective management of our regional resources, while we keep fighting an imaginary enemy. The discovery of truth is the greatest solution to deceit. Truth has remained powerful, and we must rise to accept it.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Publisher Udeagha Obasi For Umuchiukwu Writers

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