Lady Crying on the happenings


Again, a dream has been raped and murdered.

Again, a newly forming foetus has been ruthlessly aborted from its mother's womb.

Again, an idea has been killed by those who think it's not worthy to be brought into a reality.

Again, here I am lamenting over a spilled milk.

My mind no longer at ease over the evil act of this generation.

My heart bleeds for their wickedness!

But will they ever understand?

Will the OHANAEZE NDI IGBO and their kind realize that no matter how they struggle to please their "Slave Masters" (Hausa - Fulani) by working against their own people, a slave will always be treated as a slave.

Will they ever see it clearly that this path they have chosen to thread on is a pathway to hell and can only lead to their own destruction!

I ask, has nature truly abandoned us?

Why is this evil too much in our land?

What is the crime of this generation?

Yet, here I sit  crying like a baby whose mother is no more.

When I look at it, I see nothing but a human deviation.

I see nothing but darkness hovering above us and it looks as if our race has lost it's sense of humanity.

And I behold humans, struggling to alter a natural order/law. But trust nature, it will always find its way.

So I ask, what can be done to restore peace in this society that is presided and controlled by the devil?

Imagine, a land filled with milk and honey!

Imagine, a pretty handwork of nature!

Just imagine, a beautiful society such as ours has been taken over and ruled by total strangers!

Tufiakwa! It is quite disgusting for this generation  to have allowed this evil to ensue in their own time.

Have they no shame at all?!

Our forefathers, watching us from their graves must be pretty disappointed with the waywardness of this era.

Imagine a waste of eggs!

Imagine a waste of dreams and aspirations!

Me suggesting, that the only solution to this mess is the restoration of His (Chiukwu-Abiama) kingdom back on earth.

Yes! That's it! Biafra, an epitome of truth, whose second coming will bring back nothing but hope and tranquillity to humanity.

She is a paragon of beauty, an embodiment of God's Kingdom on this very earth.

Biafra, a name that scares away the evil spirits and sends chills down to the spines of salvages!

Biafra, the land of the rising sun!

No wonder the demons from the pit of hell fight very hard to stop its restoration process.

But then, it is an ideology that can never be killed no matter how hard the vultures in human forms may try to swallow it.

Biafra, a true word of God that must come to pass.

Biafra, the only hope of the African nations to be free from the WHITE SUPREMACY.





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