Atiku: A Northern Political Scam, Well Packaged And Delivered To Some Myopic Igbo Intellectuals

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) had stated that the more you study in Nigeria, the more stupid you become. I concur with that statement, 100%.

Atiku/Obi ticket was just a tool and a trap put in place for gullible Biafrans, the so-called Igbo leaders who could not dictate political traps. They all shamefully got consumed by it, distracting our people from the burning desire of Biafra restoration struggle. 

Atiku and Buhari

Our major problem is that, we hardly take cognizance or consider the implications of government actions and inactions, that is why, when Walter Onnoghen was criminally removed as the Chief Justice of Nigeria by the Fulani cabals, the so called intellectuals could not decode what was going on and the implications of his removal. The successful removal of Onnoghen by the cabals was the final burial of justice in regards of Presidential election which was finally concluded few days ago.

Take it to the bank, Atiku Abubakar on his own, was smuggled into PDP by the Fulani oligarchy through the instrumentality of APC to play the Northern elites' card. How many of the so called Igbo intelligentsia noticed it #ShakingMyHead! Atiku Abubakar penetrated PDP and perfectly executed their northern agenda and even till this MOMENT, some still believe that Atiku is a member of PDP. When it comes to Presidential elections, Northern elites have only one internally identified political front. The rest are tools of distraction and destabilization.

Today, Atiku has accepted the verdict of Northern elites imposed Judge. Power has returned to the North and he is fulfilled and very happy for it. Yes, definitely he will be settled through the backdoor as a Fulani man that he is. 

Tomorrow, my confused Igbo Biafran brothers will start campaigning that your PVC is your power that I should go and vote, sad indeed! We need to grow up. We must completely jettison Nigeria politics and channel all our energy and strength in the direction of the Biafra restoration project. As long as the Nigeria constitution is concerned, Igbos in particular and Biafrans in general, shall always be political slaves to the Northerners in perpetuity. It is only Biafra that can salvage us. 




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Was Atiku Really “Coming?”

Written by Joseph Okechukwu
31st October 2019

Shortly before the February 23, 2019 general elections in Nigeria, South-East, South-South, South-West and Middle-Belt regions came together for the first time to unanimously demand a holistic restructuring of Nigeria before the elections. It was a gesture bearing the trappings of a truly revolutionary spontaneity. No one saw it coming. It created massive ripples and caused huge panic in colonial circles. They had to either contain it, destroy it completely or risk losing their generational colonial hold on Nigeria. 

Because the APC is practically a colonial creation, and PDP is full of greedy air heads, what they did was bribe many in the PDP and then convince Atiku to “abandon” his party, the APC and decamp to PDP. In doing this, their plan was to create a contest in which the two presidential front runners were controlled by them. And it worked! Atiku crossed over and it was hailed by ‘blind bats.’ 

To become a leader in a colonized entity like Nigeria, front line presidential candidates must publicly declare their intentions before the colonial masters and pledge their loyalty to the masters in such a place as the Chatham House, London (the present day Colonial Office) - and so goes the tradition till this day! 

On Wednesday, April 25, 2018 Alhaji Atiku Abubakar was at the Chatham House, London to deliver a speech on how he would redraw the socioeconomic landscape of a bleeding nation in tatters - Nigeria. 

Paul Alkwright; British High Commissioner to Nigeria and Atiku

Archbishop of Canterbury and Atiku

During that time, we had a one-month online prayer program called “April Warfare”. On that very day that Alhaji Atiku delivered his speech at the Chatham House, I made an announcement and told all who listened that Atiku was at the Chatham House not because he was about to become president but because he was about to become a “Plan B” for the colonial masters, in the Nigerian presidential race. At this time, Atiku was still months away from being “miraculously/mysteriously” elected the PDP presidential front runner. The video is still on Facebook till this day. 

Buhari and British Envoy3

Buhari and Archibishop of Canterbury

Buhari and Archbishop of Canterbury

So when Atiku eventually became the PDP presidential front runner, the first thing they did was build his campaign around a fraudulent promise for RESTRUCTURING! Remember? The same Restructing that our Southern-Middle-belt forum elders had come together to demand before elections. The colonials working through their Intelligence Agencies managed to use Atiku to kill that dream and our elders bought into it and believed Atiku, hoping he would become president. I never stopped sounding the alarm but, was anyone listening? A huge victory for the colonials. Their fraudulent business empire called Nigeria would live another season and the colonial shackles over indigenous communities remain. 

Everything Atiku did before, during and after the elections boldly pointed to his shady deals with the colonials. Yet, our people chose to pitch with him, because there was a PETER OBI in the mix - something the colonials had thought out so well, knowing well how much shadow of deception that would cast over the entire Eastern Region, from where the agitation for cessation and freedom rang loudest.

I warned that the whole election tribunal nonsense was aimed at wearing out the patience of Nigerians who risked all for Atiku, believing he was for real. I warned that at the right time, they would drop the ball and Atiku would’ve been secretly hailed by them as a hero. And what better time to drop that ball than a time when Nigerians have all bet lost their will to fight and live; when Nigeria has not only been brought to its knees economically, but in fact sent to its early grave. That’s why the Supreme Court announcement was met with gross indifference across the country. Many are so laden with the biting hardship in Nigeria that they could care less about Atiku and his court case. Such a perfect timing! Nigerians are under a gigantic satanic spell from the colonial masters. 

Sadly, for the colonials, gloves are off at this time and it’s gonna get even worse! And for Nigerians, it’s now a bitter, brutal race for survival. Every fabric of Will and Wit left anywhere in them will be broken and torn into shreds. It’ll be hard to find a right thinking, psychologically balanced, mentally stable human in the space called Nigeria by the time this four year second term is over. Like the things I say, feel free to write this down.

Bottom line: Atiku Abubakar never left the APC. The man was just a “paid actor” and he wasn’t even a good one at that. He’s a very good business man who just got a billion times richer. He was not interested in becoming any president! His whole candidacy was a legendary fraud, a gigantic SCAM, a subterfuge of biblical proportions. Nearly all his inner circle comrades knew this. Many of them, I’m pretty sure were settled and told to back off. That’s why they all happily spirited away, throwing no fists; that’s why Nigerians never really saw an Atiku Abubakar who was out to fight. And that’s also why I said he wasn’t such a good actor because he really wasn't. Yet, 'human beings' believed him. It’s a pity. Sadly, I can’t help where I can’t help. This is it, guys! Hate to say but it’s time to enjoy the Atiku-Buhari chains! 

Thankfully, God will save His own.


Joseph Okechukwu 
© 2019









Atiku: A Northern Political Scam, Well Packaged And Delivered To Some Myopic Igbo Intellectuals

Atiku and Buhari 2

Game Over for Atikulators; a Journey Down the Memory Lane

Atiku Abubakar 3

By Charles Opanwa
Biafra Writers
31st October 2019

Before it all began, the Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, sounded the whistle of caution. They warned that in black Africa it is futile attempting to remove a despot from office through an election. Yes, they sounded it clear, offering the sure option of election boycott. Sentiment however, interlacing self with hatred, kept the people from reason. Those who thought Atiku Abubakar a Messiah, took to social media shouting "Atikulated! Atikulated!" Like a swarm of bees, they polluted the cyberspace with "Get Nigeria Working Again" as if Nigeria has ever worked. The mantra itself was stolen from Donald Trump's campaign team. Of course in Nigeria nothing ever is original; everything is copied.

Even before the INEC umpire could say "on your mark," Atikulators have started to blame IPOB, alleging that the freedom-seeking group is the only obstacle on their way to Aso rock (Nigeria's seat of power). The fact that IPOB has remained unpolitical, holding on only to its quest for freedom from the British mammy market called Nigeria, didn't mean much to them.

They accused IPOB of working for the ruling party,  with the bias and anaemic argument that the reason the group called for election boycott is to slice the votes from Biafraland, thereby giving the ruling party an advantage over them in Arewa north. They sent emissaries to IPOB, pressuring the group to call off the election boycott.

Applying wisdom, the leadership of IPOB granted their request, warning them however that their PVC won't save them. Like a hunter's dog destined for destruction, they ignored the voice of reason and went on with the polls. The outcome of the exercise vindicated IPOB squarely. PVC, everyone came to see, is no more useful than toilet tissue.

Read More: The Burning of Houses in Ndiegoro by Nigerian Police; an Interview Granted by a Native
Police opened fire on IPOB in Ebonyi State leaves 17 with severe gunshot wounds

Their slang changed from "Atikulated" to "Atiku is coming," as they went to court. As expected, the sharia groomed chief justice of the federation, Muhammad Tanko, subverted justice, tilting it to favour the ruling party. A puppet, Tanko's travesty of justice didn't come as a surprise, the APC government having broken all legal norms in his installation - an overhead preparation for what was to come.

Now the card game is over and the Atikulators, roundly defeated, are nursing their sore wound. Not even the supreme court was able to restore the said stolen mandate. The appeal has been struck out and the curtain drawn.

When shall we learn from history? "Atiku is coming" has hit the red light. Atiku is no more coming. It's game over.

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