At Least, This is Encouraging

By Musa Abdulaziz'
Musa Abdulaziz' is a Hausa Man


Allah Na Gaskiya Mai Ban Mamaki Ne, Ina Jin Tsoron 'Yan Biafrans!'

I Fear Biafrans Especially the Igbos' Because most a times I begin to imagine if the people of Biafran can built almost 80% of the war weapons they used to fight against the government of Nigeria in 60s, with the support Nigeria government got from the western countries, and lasted for a whole 3years'. 

Hmmm' Haba 'honestly I begin to imagine what they will be capable of building now in the 21st Century' if they ever achieve their Biafra Nation

I'm a good friend of Biafrans, all my good friends in the office are Biafrans, I love their human Skills,Talented and Productive Nature.

Biafra Country will rule African continent Allah'

Biafra Country will be very beautiful and great nation which am very sure of,

Many Africa Countries will borrow Money from the Biafra Government, 

Biafra Country will be producing all kinds Vehicles, Cars, Different kinds of Items, products and Sophisticated War Weapons and be Selling to order African and western Countries

Biafra Country will be the China and Dubai in African Continent,

Biafra Country which am ver sure of will try to secure her self a seat in the UN Security Council' 

Biafra will hardly buy arms or any other product from the western countries again years after gaining her independent, because they are very resourceful, 

Nigeria government maybe out of the economic crisis will agrees to Sale most of it large Parts of land to the Biafra Government, land areas like Benue, Kogi and Zamfara Territories will be sold to Biafra Government ' which am very sure that it Must Certainly Happen when the Biafrans leave Nigeria. Because Nigeria then cannot be too populated again to make use many lands in Hausa Territories.

Lastly i pray that may The Allah Grant Each and Every One of Us all Our Heart Desires That's Not Evil and Also Give my Biafran Friends All Their Heart Desires.



At Least, This is Encouraging

Musa Abdulaziz
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