Arrest Buhari for Terrorism and Crimes Against Humanity

It is very sickening to see that Buhari who have killed thousands of Biafran civilians, is the only man qualified to educate the world on human right according to ICC. Amnesty International has made it clear to the World on many occassions that Buhari have in many times opened fire and killed unarmed Biafran protesters, yet he is going to be treated as the face of human right in ICC instead of sitting on the bench to answer for his crimes against the Indigenous people of Biafra. Buhari who committed genocide against unarmed Biafrans with his python dance 1&2 is the man that ICC is going to legitimise on the world stage.

General Mohammed Buhari who is currently fighting to grab land and sea in order to hand them over to Fulani terrorists and Miyetti Allah terrorists is now the hero of human right according to International Criminal Court.

How can a man who has the highest complains on human right abuse in the ICC Court be chosen to be the face of human right? Something is wrong with ICC. The corruption of Nigeria have extended to ICC. And this reminds me of the meeting between a Nigerian Senator and the head of ICC where many things changed hands in order to protect Buhari from all the human rights abuses which he has undeniably committed.

A man who have overthrown a democratically elected government and killed a woman by firing squad is the now treated as master of human right. If ICC do not use this opportunity to hold Gen Mohammed Buhari accountable for his crimes, that means ICC has turned to organisation of evil men on Earth.

We have all witnessed when UN General Assembly made Saddam Hussein and Ghadafi head of human right. Today, we are witnessing mohammed Buhari been brought to ICC to teach President Trump what is human Rights, wonders shall never end!

We are presently living in a world where good is called evil and evil is called good. This is very sad moment in human history. I can't believe that the grand patron of the Miyetti Allah terrorists is in Hague not to answer for the state sponsored terrorists which his terrorist government is leading, but to lecture the world on justice and human rights. It is sad!

I seriously hope that the whole world will use this opportunity to clearly and seriously look into Gen Mohammed Buhari's record and bring him to justice as fast as possible.

The pictures below are some of the handiwork of the ICC human right lecturer, Gen Mohammed Buhari.



*** Reliable information shows that Buhari left yesterday to the Hague in the Netherlands. He is expected to address the International Criminal Court ICC where more than 100 petitions have been written to against him on herdsmen killings.

The most interesting aspect of the news is that Lalong of Plateau State, as usual, accompanied him to help Buhari deny the killings in Plateau State as ethnic cleansing by herdsmen. Lalong is to speak as the governor of one of the affected states to tell ICC that the killings in Plateau State and the Middle Belt are not genocide and have nothing to do with ethnic cleansing by herdsmen.

Let's spread it and pray for God's intervention

Presidency Lied, Buhari Invited To ICC For Questioning Over Human Rights Abuses In Nigeria – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said the Presidency lied on President Muhammadu Buhari’s invitation to the International Criminal Court (ICC).
The PDP in a statement on Monday by its National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, said contrary to effort by the Presidency to present the invitation as positive for the Buhari Presidency, the administration has a lot of questions to answer.
“What the Presidency seeks to hide from Nigerians is that the ICC Rome Statute deals directly with critical issues of crime against humanity, which is already prevalent in Nigeria under President Buhari’s watch,” the party said.

The PDP said the fact that President Buhari is the only President invited to the event showed that the world is alarmed by the spate of blood-letting, extra-judicial executions, illegal arrests, arbitrary detention and torture going on in Nigeria.

“The party therefore calls on the ICC to take President Buhari to task on the documented abuse of human rights in Nigeria, particularly, the US Department of State 2017 Human Right Report, which catalogued issues of extrajudicial and arbitrary killings; disappearances and arbitrary detentions and torture, particularly in detention facilities in Nigeria under this administration,” the PDP added.

The party asked President Buhari to report and defend himself to the ICC over “documented human right abuses, crime against humanity and killings in Nigeria” under his watch.

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Arrest Buhari for Terrorism and Crimes Against Humanity

Those of you getting worried over ICC decision which led to Buhari's address at Hague, should also know that there are what is called, take this gun and shoot yourself.

There are international protocol more especially, when it comes to the case bordering human right violation at ICC. 

Ask yourselves why is it that, ICC only invited the two terrorist in Africa, Buhari and Biya of Cameroon?. 

Think very well and know the direction of the body language of ICC.


ICC and President Buhari

This is IPOB Netherland protesting at the international criminal court Hauge today 17/07/2018.

According to a reliable information Buhari went closer to the IPOB family protesting and look at them angrily, then he went back to his car as the family were protesting with their megaphone telling the world the crimes of Mohammed Buhari.

While in his car, Buhari sent some of his security men to go and snap pictures of the IPOB family and two of the security went forward as they were snapping IPOB pictures , the Buhari security was threatening the IPOB national Cordinator in Netherland they must deal with him any where in world they found him until the Netherland police came closer and ask them to stop snapping the protesters.

We understood also that Buhari is now using Fulani security agent from Mali for protection as he travel outside as his securities are not speaking good English language rather more of French. 

IPOB are not scared of Buhari aka Jubril, as he was disgraced badly today in Hauge. The President of ICC, Osuji was also handed over a letter from IPOB about the presence of Buhari in Hauge and it was acknowledged. 

IPOB can assure you that Buhari has no place to hide as long as IPOB is concerned. 

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What are we waiting for? Isn’t it very obvious even to the daftest that the contraption called Nigeria is a failed state by every definition and every parameter? Is this what a country of 186 million people supposed to be? Should we continue to sustain a country that is unsustainable?