Written by Somto Okonkwo and
Aiden Dillion

Medicine after Death: Those who detained and killed Abiola are now rewarding him that Yorubas may reward them with their vote in 2019

The question most people are asking is, when will Yorubas get smart and stop allowing themselves to be used and disposed of like toilet paper by the North? Some people may call it hate speech but I think it's time the Yoruba race wake up. The North continues to enslave and conquer Yorubaland and it's people for political crumbs. From Awolowo becoming Vice President to Gowon during the war which  purchased Yoruba support against Biafra that he Awolowo had initially supported in the agreement he reached with Ojukwu prior to his release from a prison in Calabar. 

The most bizarre part is that it was the same core Arewa North that jailed Awolowo. An Igbo man, Nzeogwu, led a coup that it's sole aim was to release Awolowo from prison and install him as the Prime Minister of Nigeria. It was another man, Ojukwu, that eventually released  Awolowo from prison but upon his release, Awolowo went back to North and superintended the second worst genocide in human history. 

The same thing happened with Obasanjo's civilian presidency, which again was another move by the Fulani caliphate to assuage the Yoruba people after annulling June 12 and killing Abiola. This pattern has always been at play in the relationship between the core North and Yorubas for centuries. Look at what Fulanis did to Yorubas in Illorin where Afonja, a Yoruba prince was temporarily made the political head of the invading Fulani Islamic army to get him to turn against his fellow Yorubas. At the end of the campaign Afonja was killed by the Fulanis and his land converted to Fulani emirate. 

That conquest that was made possible by Fulani political inducement spread all the way to Atlantic Ocean in Lagos. That Islam virtually dominate all Yoruba towns and villages was as a result of the mistake one Yoruba man made. They are repeating the same mistakes today. Illorin and wider Kwara State is a fully fledged Fulani Emirate with no Oba in sight and shall remain so forever. A Yoruba Oba will never sit on the royal throne in Illorin again. Illorin throne has become the exclusive prerogative of the Fulanis. This unfortunate outcome and national disgrace was made possible because a Yoruba man accepted what appeared on the face of it an exalted political position not knowing it was a Trojan horse. 

Yorubas are learned, cosmopolitan and urbane. Surely they have enough intelligent people in their ranks to understand the damaging effect these periodic politically motivated inducement from the North can be in the long run. 


Abacha and group

Unless perhaps their well concealed hatred towards Igbos, driven purely by envy, outweigh whatever consequence or humiliation they are likely to suffer at the hands of their Fulani masters. Again, this confusion was apparent when in exchange for the empty title of APC National Leader and few ministerial appointments, Yorubas returned into power what will go down as the worst regime in living memory. That mere posthumous elevation of Abiola to a GCFR is sufficient to erase the horrors of this Buhari regime in the minds of Yorubas speaks volumes about their political priorities. Maybe  Yorubas doesn't want any positive change in Nigeria after all but merely using their clamour for structural changes within the system to advance a purely parochial agenda of self   preservation at the expense of collective well being of all ethnicities in Nigeria. 

It won't be misplaced to infer that such euphoria exhibited by Yorubas at mere pronouncement of a post hummus award for their illustrious son may portray them as confused to the point of not knowing exactly what they want. The feeling one gets is that wherever the wind of political expediency pushes them, they go. These are hardly the attitude of a people that have a principled commitment to a change that will be of benefit to all. 

The Yoruba race possess enough brave and outspoken intellectuals but unfortunately the impression one gets is an absence of mental toughness and ideological consistency needed to break the debilitating and damaging  influence the North exert over them. Today they are rightfully clamoring for a return to regional arrangement, the next they are threatening to unleash Oduduwa Republic, but all the while the North continues to make a complete mess of their long term strategic interests. 


Originally by Somto Okonkwo
Rewritten by Aiden Dillion


Buhari's Government Is Under Fire
Right Now Over June 12

JUNE 12th
Throw Back

Chief Abiola's qualifications for the presidency are "very dubious" - Financial Times

On the Abiola posthumous award, democracy day, and the suggestion that it is a ploy to win the Yoruba votes -- which suggestion I agree with, here's a throwback to the Abiola election.

I don't think many of you were involved with one of the earliest online discussion forums in the 90s. Naijanet was vibrant then and before June 12 politicized it, it was a very good forum for sharing gist of interest to Nigerians and for providing support to people who are more technologically challenged back then. As the June 12 debate raged, the University of Connecticut proposed awarding MKO with an honorary degree for his support to democracy. A PhD student of the University wrote a letter to the Uni President arguing, not against the award of the honorary degree, but against the reasons cited. I happen to know the young man because he was my flatmate in New Brunswick, Canada before transferring to UConn. Here's is that letter he wrote to the University.

August 31, 1994

Professor Harry Hartley
President ,
University of Connecticut,         
Storrs, CT. 06269.

Dear Professor Hartley,


It has come to the notice of the Nigerian community at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, that the University of Connecticut, Storrs, will be honouring Chief Moshood Abiola with a Doctor of letters degree for his devotion to democracy.  We would like to thank the University of Connecticut for bestowing such an honour on a Nigerian; indeed an African.

While we have no qualms, in principle, about the award, we object to the reasons for the honour.  We believe it is a misnomer to characterize Chief Abiola as a devotee to democracy.  Right from the regime of the late General Muritala Mohammed to General Ibrahim Babangida's disastrous era, Chief Abiola provided support for successive military regimes in Nigeria.  He benefited materially and politically from his close ties with the military.  Chief Abiola is an accountant.  He came into limelight when his company, ITT, got a multimillion dollar contract from the Federal Ministry of Communications to fix the telephone system in Nigeria once and for all.  General Mohammed, Chief Abiola's friend, was then the Federal Minister for Communications (General Yakubu Gowon was Head of the Federal Military Government of Nigeria).  Despite this huge amount, Nigeria has one of the worst telephone systems in the world.  It takes an average of two hours for a lucky person to get a call through to Nigeria.

General Olusegun Obasanjo handed over power to a civilian government after elections in 1979.  Chief Abiola's first visible investment was the Concord Newspapers which was established after he became a multimillionaire.  The newspaper was established primarily to promote his presidential ambition under the aegis of the disbanded National Party of Nigeria (NPN) - a party whose members not only looted the national treasury (during 1979-1983), but also drove the country into the brink of bankruptcy.  In fact, the NPN was the least democratic and progressive of all the political parties in the country.  Chief Abiola completely mobilized his newspaper toward the cause of the NPN; a policy that earned the newspaper, at that time, the notoriety of being the most partisan newspaper in Nigeria.

Rather than allowing veteran journalists run The Concord, he appointed one of his wives, Dr. Doyin Aboaba Abiola, managing director/editor-in-chief of the newspaper.  When seasoned and award-winning journalists such as the late Mr. Dele Giwa, Mr. Ray Ekpu, Mr. Yakubu Mohammed and Mr. Dan Agbese objected to the partisan posture of the newspaper, he fired them all in one single day.  Those journalists later established the Newswatch magazine, which is arguably the most objective news magazine in Nigeria today.  Since its inception, Newswatch has consistently been an avowed critic of the military, even though Chief Abiola's Concord had often published pro-military reports that neutralized the impact of the former.  It should be mentioned that as recent as about two years ago, Chief Abiola asked the editor of The Concord to apologise to General Babangida over an article. The article was true; but Chief Abiola wanted the military to look good.  The editor refused to compromise his conscience and resigned in protest. The upshot of all these is to debunk the claim that Chief Abiola is "a staunch champion of the freedom of the press".  Shortly after General Babangida came to power (1984), Chief Abiola encouraged him to undertake the most undemocratic act of unilaterally enrolling Nigeria into membership of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) - an act that would have converted Nigeria into a theocratic state and to which most Nigerians vociferously objected.  When the popular struggle for democracy became unbearable for the regime, Chief Abiola built police stations and donated them to the military junta so they could coercively contain mass and popular protests.  He belatedly became a critic of the military only after the June 12, 1993 presidential election was annulled.  His current stand-off with the military is a ploy designed to wrest political power from the latter, in order to fulfill his life-long ambition, rather than to extricate the masses from the shackles of oppression and exploitation.

As the Financial Times rightly stated in a recent editorial, Chief Abiola's qualifications for the presidency are "very dubious".  His dubiousness became compelling with the highly publicised information that he approached General Babangida for money a few months after the annulment of the June 12, 1993 election, and during which the committed democratic forces were still struggling to restore democracy.  According to the current issue of the authoritative newsletter Africa Report, "Abiola's own reputation also suffered a fatal blow when a letter he wrote to General Babangida last December saying they were still friends, but that he needed money was published in the local press".  Chief Abiola's "rags-to-riches" background is questionable, as it is well known that he became wealthy overnight through frivolous contracts from the military.  Most Nigerians would, in fact, be stunned to hear that he became a millionaire "through sheer hard work in the academic and business world" as alluded to in the nomination. To honour him for his purported devotion to democracy would, in our opinion, be a great disservice to those Nigerians that have been very steadfast, relentless and unwavering in the struggle for democracy.

Finally, Chief Abiola was portrayed in the nomination process as someone with "a record of standing firm for his principles, even at risk to his personal safety".  It should not be forgotten too soon that when crisis and pandemonium ensued after the annulment of the election, he abandoned his followers and took refuge in the safe and comfortable havens of the West, while the genuine democratic forces were left behind to slug it out with the military.  Asked by a BBC reporter in London why he absconded, he unabashedly retorted: "life has no duplicate.  I don't want to die now.  I want to live to serve my people.  I will go back to the country when conditions are ripe".

We wish to reiterate that we are not against honouring Chief Abiola for his genuine accomplishments.  All we are saying is that the present rationale for the award is flawed.

Thank you.

Sincerely, (signed) Ganiyu Jaiyeola  (Mr.) 
President, African Club 
University of Connecticut, Storrs;
On Behalf Of The Nigerian Community (University of Connecticut, Storrs).

© Stephen Afulukwe

~ Oriental Times


June 12: Yoruba’s are not stupid; we cannot be fooled - Adebanjo

Chief Ayo Adebanjo

Chief Ayo Adebanjo has described the recent June 12 declaration by President Buhari, as a political gimmick

He said Yoruba’s are not stupid; and that if Buhari thinks he can bamboozle them with that, he has failed - According to the elder statesman, Buhari can change Christmas Day to June 12; but that doesn’t mean that they won’t get rid of him in 2019 Chief Ayo Adebanjo, an elder statesman and chieftain of Afenifere, a Yoruba socio-cultural group, has reacted to President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent declaration honouring MKO Abiola and moving Democracy Day to June 12. In an interview with Punch, Adebanjo described the move as a political gimmick ahead of the 2019 presidential election. 

OE,NewsPoint reports -  that he insisted that even though some people in the south-west have been praising the move, it would not swing votes in the president’s favour. He said: “Don’t deceive yourself! Do you think Yoruba people are that stupid? We are not that stupid. Quote me; if Buhari thinks he can bamboozle the Yoruba people with that, he has failed. “Go and ask (Asiwaju Bola) Tinubu; Tinubu himself knows that he has burnt his boat if he continues to support Buhari on the question of restructuring. “For anybody to think that he is going to do anything for us in Yorubaland now, he should restructure the country. “And not that we will continue with a constitution imposed on us and you begin to harass us, keep all the security people in your hand, and use this (June 12 declaration) to bamboozle us and yet, you say you are a democrat. That time is gone. “As some people have said, he can change Christmas Day to June 12, that doesn’t mean that they won’t get rid of him in 2019.” 

OE,NewsPoint - reported that President Muhammadu Buhari announced that June 12 will be celebrated as the new Democracy Day. The president announced this via his Facebook page on Wednesday, June 6. He also announced that the late Chief Moshood Abiola who was adjudged the winner of the cancelled June 12, 1993 presidential election will be posthumously awarded the highest honour in the land, GCFR. Abiola is the messiah of Nigeria's democracy; i foresaw the annulment.

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They will kill me; they will kill the President Elect, Chief MKO Abiola if I went ahead with the election and announced the winner of the elections which we all know to be Bashorun, Chief MKO Abiola. I know so; I am not daft. He won; he tried. I feel bad about the whole matter. Professor, I do not see how they will spare you because they know you are my principal confidant. You think they do not know you? They know; they know you are with me now. They saw you coming in and they know you are with me now I cannot kill myself for the sake of what the country wants. I am sorry, he lamented. It was astonishing to hear a General state that he could not lay down his life for his country. 

It was clear that General Babangida was in a fix as of June 21st 1993. I then proceeded to deal with the questions of who were these “they” and for what reasons would they want to kill the President and the President Elect if the June 12 election were allowed to go forward. He named them in military and in ethnic categories:

Sani (meaning General Sani Abacha) is opposed to a return to civilian rule. Sani cannot stand the idea of Chief Abiola, a Yoruba becoming his Commander- in- Chief; Sani seems to have the ears of the Norhern leaders that no Southerner especially from the South West should become the President of the country. Sani seems to rally the Northern elders to confront me on the matter. He is winning; the Sultan and the Northern leaders are of this frame of mind. 

Where do I go from here? They do not trust me. Without Sani, I will not be alive today; without the North, I would not have become an officer in the Nigerian Army and now the President of Nigeria I don’t want to appear ungrateful to Sani; he may not be bright upstairs but he knows how to overthrow governments and overpower coup plotters. He saw to my coming




to office in 1985 and to my protection in the many coups I faced in the past, especially the Orkar coup of 1990 where he saved me and my family including my infant daughter.”

Sani risked his life to get me into office in 1983 and 1985; if he says he does not want Chief Abiola, I will not force Chief Abiola on him. He also named Lt General Dongoyaro and Brigadier General David Mark as those who were against Chief Abiola. In fact, he quoted David Mark as saying: I’d shoot Chief Abiola the day NEC( National Electoral Commission) pronounces him the elected President!



Hmmmm!!! Same David Mark went to Senate and became Senate President in a democracy that MKO Abiola died for.

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Ex President, Ibrahim Babangida Opened Up On June 12 Annulment


Kola Abiola

President Goodluck Jonathan was first to recognize June 12 by immortalising my father but was stopped by those who didn't want him to have goodwill in South West 

—Kola Abiola 

Extracted from.... The Republican News

By Olamide Olayinka

Of what use is the honour of a shade done a dead man, whose head was taken off in a scorching sun?

Both Abiola and Gani suffered in the hands of people from one region, and now been posthumously honoured by someone from that same region, how convenient?

Where in the article of association of this country was it stated that the North has the power, to dispense death and honour? 

I am meaved that quite a few supposedly informed Yorubas do not see this for what it's really all about, a time tested patronising antics of the fulani oligarchy, which they had played on our collective intelligence time and time again, very shameful. 

Since the Nigeria project started, it has always been our sons and daughters that has always been martyred for this blood suckling country and alway in the hands of the foolanis, or their agents. 

Adekunle Fajuyi still fresh in the minds of his family, though, forgotten by an ingrate country,


some may argue, Gani died of cancer, yes, but remember, Gani was never a smoker, the cancer was induced. 

Madams Bisoye Tejuosho, Suliat Adedeji, Kudirat Abiola to mention a few, all killed like common fowls, what's in it for them?

Of what use is your GCON to a people whose lives you have no regards for?

Perhaps, you are telling us that we are your naama, to be killed at will and then pronounce one yeye title at your convenience, and that settles it.

I want everyone to see this latest antics for what it's worth, a cheap political calculation to MUGUN the YORUBAS, e ma goo o, iya odun merin ni o, eledumare nikon lo mo aduru eni ti Fulani maa wa pa nile yoruba ti Buhari ba tun wo le, ife a fe adie ko de'nu o.... YORUBA E RONU OOOOO, mo wi temi no oo. 

As for me, I'm not celebrating, there is nothing to celebrate.




Of what use is the Honour


Abiola 2

How Abiola Died and Those Who Killed Him -- Personal Physician

Written By Kunle Oderemi and Kasali Qudus
10th June 2018

Dr Ore Falomo
Dr Ore Falomo, Medical Director of Maryland Specialist Hospital, was the personal physician to the late business mogul and politician, Chief MKO Abiola. In this interview with KUNLE ODEREMI and KASALI QUDUS, he speaks Abiola, Obasanjo. And other issues. 

There is still excitement in many quarters, following the Federal Government decision to honour MKO Abiola and make June 12 Democracy Day. As his personal physician, What is your reaction to the development?

What has everybody been doing before now? They kept quiet like hawks. They didn’t do anything. Now, somebody came to do what all your leaders had left undone. So, you are happy. Why are you happy? You must be ashamed that it is Buhari who decided to do it. What did Yar’Adua do concerning the matter? What did Goodluck Jonathan do on the issue? Why didn’t the Yoruba and others speak and fight for it and tell them how to behave? Why did you have to wait till now for a gift from somebody else? Don’t you feel ashamed?

I am happy he did it. Don’t you feel ashamed? I am happy he did it; he did it for Gani; he did it for Kingibe. Why don’t we summon courage to stand for the truth and damn it whenever an act of injustice takes place? So, why are we now happy? We should be blaming ourselves; we should be condemning ourselves. Yes, we should.

What I did for Abiola was at the risk of my life; we fought against something that has never been done before; and by the grace of God, we triumphed. People are clapping, clapping for what?  We have all gone to sleep, but some of us have not; we remain vigilant. I am ready to talk to Tribune because it played a good part in the struggle. I am saying it loud and clear. And at the appropriate time, I am going to say it and lambast all the newspapers; they were afraid; I know every part they played; they wanted to sustain the status quo. But Tribune, with all challenges and limitations, stood for the truth

Some observers have raised issues concerning the timing of the decision by President Muhammadu Buhari to honour the acclaimed winner of June 12, Chief Abiola and declare the date as Democracy Day?  What is your opinion on the issues?

I want to congratulate them the government) for doing the right thing at last. I don’t care because any other person may have a different opinion on the matter. One of the posers the action of the government has addressed is: did Abiola win that election or not? Buhari has now told all of us that he did. He won that election in 1993. He was not sworn in; fine, but he won.

Opinions are also divided about the real intention of the president in conferring the posthumous award on Abiola. Do you think the president is sincere, as some individuals and groups claimed the action has a political undertone?

My answer is yes, the government is sincere. What is posthumous? It is given to somebody who is dead, in recognition of his remarkable contribution to humanity while alive. This implies that if Abiola was alive and he had been sworn in, he would have had the same award given to all past presidents. So, there is nothing extraordinary about it. If he had been alive, he would probably have been honoured with the award personally and not posthumous. Even when he was in detention, he was not in a position to be awarded anything. So, even though the posthumous award is coming 25 years after his death, it is better late than ever.

Therefore, it is a very silly conclusion to say that President Buhari conferred on Abiola the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (GCFR) because the 2019 general election is close-by. This is because Buhari didn’t have any timetable as to what to do during his four years in office on a matter like this. Obasanjo, who came in on the lap of Abiola’s travail, did not do anything of such to honour him. It was what Abiola suffered that brought Obasanjo to power. I am one of those who know the truth. Obasanjo came to power because of the mood of the country as at that time that the Yoruba people were seriously threatened. As a matter of fact, they were almost in a critical condition. Some of us know the whole story. There were two factions then over the political situation in the land concerning the Yoruba people. There were those who believed that Abiola should give them a chance; that we should go back altogether and there was another group who believed that such idea was a total rubbish and they would regret such action and plan. That was in 1999. But, some people then came in to bring in Obasanjo and Olu Falae and Obasanjo won the election.

Obasanjo had two terms of four years each, but he did not do what Buhari has just done. You are now talking of Buhari, who has only used three-quarters of his term. Don’t tell me it’s because of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, it doesn’t matter. The Yoruba voted for Buhari. And will 





they vote for him next year? It is yet to be seen. Whether the action is designed to impress the Yoruba, let us wait and see. Just judge the man for what he did; whether what he did was right or not, unlike Obasanjo that did not show any consideration. Buhari has proved Obasanjo wrong and displayed leadership skills. That is why Obasanjo has not been voted in as the leader of the Yoruba up till now. He served as the military Head of State of the country; he also served as a civilian president and yet, the Yoruba have never for once considered him fit as the Leader of the Yoruba. Is that not surprising? He was the leader of the country. So that shows that the Yoruba do not think he has served their purpose well at all. And if anybody wants to appease the Yoruba, it should be Obasanjo not Buhari. Let me be frank with you, it is not who wins Yoruba votes that wins the election. The Yoruba is an ethnic nationality in Nigeria. So, why are people thinking it is the Yoruba or the Igbo votes that determine whoever wins an election? That is a ridiculous and useless attitude.

Buhari did not make any promise before he was elected that he would do this for Abiola. I think the Yoruba will vote for somebody they think will serve their purpose best, regardless of who gives money or not. Buhari accepts that the 1993 election is the best ever. And the election is the freest, fairest and non-corruptible ever up till now. This means that his own election held about two and a half years ago cannot be compared to that of 1993. That is something that should be commended. We should applaud Buhari for saying this; for saying that his election against former President Goodluck Jonathan was not as clean as that of 1993. They all knew Abiola won because he busted the tape first.

How deserving are all those bestowed with the national honour?

MKO was given, didn’t he deserve it or not? He deserves it because he won the election. The president said he won the election and he was robbed by Babangida. But, all of us went to sleep because it was a military government. We didn’t have that courage to challenge it because we were not ready to lose our lives. What Babangida did was wrong. Why should Abiola deserve the award and Kingibe didn’t? He was Abiola’s running mate. That is common sense. If you give the president, you must give his vice.

Can anybody give reasons why Buhari shouldn’t have honoured Gani Fawehinmi?

I was very close to Gani because I was the medical doctor for his legal chambers throughout his career. So, he deserves that honour and much more and he was the real supporter of June 12. There is nothing to argue about. Those who want to join issues on those awards can come out and I will be ready to take them up. I will tell Nigerians what type of people such people are. They have been hiding under one excuse or the other. PDP ruled for 16 years. Every bad thing happened during their time. They didn’t make any attempt to honour Abiola and others and now, they are talking of Buhari rushing to do what he is doing. If Obasanjo had done what Buhari just did, it would have been a different case. But, he paid lip service to it.

As his personal doctor, what killed Abiola?

It’s not for this time. What we are talking about is the present situation. I have spoken about what killed Abiola several times and I have proved it. I have gone before a Special Tribunal to state the case. So, it is not anything new and they have not been able to say I am wrong. They were not comfortable enough when I said it and they have not put forward any other thing that could have killed Abiola.  He was waking up from sleep and then after sipping that tea, he grabbed his chest crying over pain and he died. I am a doctor. He didn’t exert himself or anything, so what brought heart attack. I have analysed it and even said to them how a Pope, who has not been in the rain for a day, was killed and we knew what killed the Pope and I said it was similar to what killed Abiola. That Abiola was visited by somebody who is known; who death always follows wherever he goes and everyone knows about it. Why don’t they speak out? Those who benefitted from the death of Abiola and Abacha are still there and they are now fighting themselves. They are not military people but civilians and you will still hear more stories. It will come out. If Abiola had been president, things would have been better done and all the bad things happening now wouldn’t have been.

What do you think about June 12 as Democracy Day as opposed to May 29?

Some states are already celebrating as Democracy Day. All the states in the South-West from Ekiti to Lagos do. Are they not? It is only now that the rest of Nigerians have just opened their eyes. I thank Buhari for this. How can he call May 29 Democracy day? For who? This is because he was the president. But now, another person has said he is wrong for saying that. In 1999, we had a change from military to civilian and Obasanjo should know. He was a bad student and I am sure. Oh yes. I can say that; quote me! And if he wants to argue it, I will remind him he was. It doesn’t have anything to do with whether he had been president for 11 years. It doesn’t matter. He was a bad student in school. (Tribune)

Source News Express

Posted 10/06/2018




Abiola 6
Abiola 4

Abiola, June 12 and Many Blames