AMARACHI IS BACK - Clifraud And Ominhejo, In IPOB You Died

AMARACHI IS BACK - Clifraud And Ominhejo, In IPOB You Died

Congratulations to Ipob worldwide And to God almighty (Chukwuokike abiamara ) be all the glory for this well deserved victory to the shame of the enemies of Biafra restoration .

Please take your time to read and praise Yahweh for his mercy .

Well Written By our beloved nwada Ibeh Gift Amarachi


I am back........

Suspended Fallen Angels behind Rebellious Bastardised Idiots(RBI), YES AMARACHI IS BACK... Clifraud Vagabond and Ominheojo, In IPOB you and the entirety of your Family died, for the Blood of our Fallen Heroes will never allow you succeed in your barbaric demonic plans.

Stop celebrating for Biafrans round the globe are too Numerous, Brawny and Stalwart compared to your poisonous substance, they fought this battle with me and we won at last.

You killed Waka Waka(Chimaobi Okafor) and her death shall not rise the Second time. Oh! Chimaobi's spirit shall hunt all you sabotaging women who tie two wrappers, that nothing good floats out of, rather than intense sacrilegious wickedness and jealousy.

Your ncho ncho jealousy against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has left you in an asinine frustrating state, that results to employing several nefarious means, just to get at a Man who is positively influential than you, in all facet of Life.

They tried Character assassination, Plan for arrest and when failed, advanced to a more venomous slowly killing process.

In summary of the murderous execution, Twenty Million Naira was staked for my elimination. My Assistant whom we fought hard to release from the Prisons and work closely with by traveling to various regions in BiafraLand for assignments was asked to poison me by Clifraud Iruekwensu and Uchenna Ominheojo the coward that hides in Spain, through a RBI on ground agent bearing the pseudo name 'EBUKA'.

Waka Waka

Oh! I wish Waka Waka survived hers, she would have exposed this third class Murderers.

Before the confession of my assistant on how the Elimination Bargaining from Five Million Naira to Twenty Million Naira began, I could remember vividly the last question he asked me, while on our way to Awka in Anambra for the release of Mazi Chukwudi; "AMARACHI, DO YOU THINK I CAN BETRAY YOU"? I casually replied; ' I don't know, but I believe nobody can stop Biafra restoration'. I saw him showing bodily signs of fluster at my answer, but we continued our journey, while I typed on my phone.

It never occurred to me that, the whole calamitous process has begun and this demons from the pit of hell have started persuading and calling him. It bursted out when the fallen idiots refused to pay the Money, as promised.

But Chukwuokikeabiamara in his Greatness made sure, The Rebellious Bastardised Idiotic agents(RBI)failed and my assistant confessed to the hearings of not just me, but other Hardcores.

If you tell me this Fallen Angels can result to such demonic act, I will counter , until it happened to me. 

Evil demonic bastards AMARACHI Survived it and she is back, stronger than ever. Don't celebrate for, she is stronger than the entirety of your Family. IPOB will not let you take me away, when I haven't completed my assignments towards Biafra restoration.

You killed Chimaobi Okafor and as you mock her restless soul, your children shall be mocked.

As you seek for more life's to end, your children shall face same fate.

Now they promised the executioner MEDIA BACKUP, "Go and we shall write to paint black her with claims evil took away her Life. We will give you Media Backup, that Amarachi must be dead. Before she dies, we shall hang it on Nnamdi Kanu. We must stop her from working and Nnamdi Kanu taking credit. Nnamdi Kanu's wings should be broken and IPOB strongholds destroyed. Go ahead and prove you are a Man".

What have I done to this Suspended cowardice idiotic Men Of Dishonour? Who are bent on eliminating all Hardcores, that refused to sabotage the struggle and are loyal to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu? They stay in diaspora drinking Soda and Coffee, yet IPOB is their nightmare?

They will try buying you over with Money, if it fails.. Character assassination follows, if it fails.. 

They plan for your arrest, if it fails.. 

Your closest colleague will be bribed to poison you.



They did not just stop there, but while rejoicing online over the execution of their evil, sent another petty failed Rubbish Bastardised Idiotic agent, who happens to be the Suspended Enugu State Coordinator IKEDI OKOLI (An animal I don't care to know) to my Enugu assistant for a briefing of my response to treatment and demanded he find out the Hospital where I am receiving treatment. He asked him, to go and see "His Madam".
Yes! He did.

Now they don't only poison, but monitor your response to treatment and if there is a record of improvement, they device the fastest means of perfecting the murderous deal. Why must Ikedi Okoli an idiotic fallen son of perdition, demand my assistant should go and see me for a detailed report? When he couldnt get a report, another Suspended RBI agent from Germany by name Chidi Dikeocha called me directly(This is a Man, I can't remember the last time we spoke on phone and how he got my current number), but I refused to pick. They fought so hard to know the location of my medical treatment and I laughed at this idiots while recuperating. They don't know, THIS GENERATION MUST GET BIAFRA.

Sorry if I did not pick your calls, I did because they were tracing the Hospital where I was receiving treatment, to carry out a final nefarious act, but we are ten steps ahead of the men of dishonor, who hides behind fake Facebook accounts.

Clifford Iroanya You Are A Murderer. Uchenna Assiegbu You Are A Murderer.

Yes, I said, "You Are Murderers". But, not an intelligent one because, you don't know whom to direct your venomous sword to. Not all Souls are ready to accept defeat, for they will fight you and come out victorious. IPOB is mighty and you cant stop her.

You are killing Biafrans just to get at The Great Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who earned his respect, while you waste in envy.

Do you know the number of Biafrans that stood by me? How do you think, your directionless and retarded Mushroom agents can defeat them?

If you are not afraid of the abilities of IPOB, give a command let's see who obey you vagabonds that will burn like PipeLine.

Biafrans, let me stop here for now...... I said FOR NOW... For we defeated the evil Men and In IPOB they died.

I want to appreciate Chukwuokikeabiama who showers his Love to those, that are giving their all for Biafra restoration.

Those who are genuine in making sure, " This Generation Gets Biafra".

Words and no quantitative analysis, can estimate the level of Gratitude i feel for Biafrans round the globe.

I love IPOB Leadership.. They proved to me, Biafra restoration is the indisputable solution to our problems. IPOB Leadership fought like wounded Lions, followed up my Diagnosis, Treatment and Constant Medical Checkup in various Hospitals to make sure, I am totally free and recovered. Oh! Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wherever you are, may Chukwuokikeabima abundantly bless you, for putting this One Big Family together.

Our Brothers in Japan, Switzerland, United States Of America, Middle East, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Various African countries, BiafraLand round the globe, Tuwale for you Gallant Soldiers....

My Lovely Family, for fighting this battle with me, while we went to various Hospitals. My Dad said to me, "No Mortal Can Harm You, For No Man Can Stop The Sun From Shining. Your Generation Have Come To Get Biafra".
They were always in the Hospital and never stopped being there for me. They are indeed Blessed by Chukwuokikeabiama.

Oh... Goodness me...

I wish not to write out names for the avoidance of hand ache, but I need to mention this few names; Mazi Uche Mefor the Deputy Leader Of IPOB is indeed, a Difference maker, your blessings made me whole again.

Mazi Chika Edoziem The Gallant IPOB Head Of Directorates Of States, made me understand, our Leader does not deal with cowards. This Great Man Monitored, Prayed, Called and immensely supported me, until I bounced back. He is a Man of honour, not of too many words, but actioned in moves.

Mazi Bright Chimezie who was released from Prisons fought this battle with me and there was never a day he didn't call.

Mazi David Nwawusi and Mazi Benjamin Madubugwu fought this battle to the shame of the enemies.

Mazi Iyke Ukaegbu BiafraLand, Mazi Ojiji United States, Mazi Leo Japan, Mazi Mmri Udo Gambia, Lolo Nnenaya Anya Germany, Lolo Carol Munday London, Lolo Oby London, Mazi Hillary London, Mazi Chi Rabbi Russia, Mazi Clement BiafraLand, Family Writers Press, IPOB Detained Victims, IPOB released victims, NwaAda Ngozika Chukwu BiafraLand, Mazi Ifeanyi Jeff BiafraLand, Nwada Ihunnaya Kalu BiafraLand, NwaAda Chidinma BiafraLand, IPOB Children, to mention but a few.... Please I can't type all because, I'm so overwhelmed.

What I saw, was alarming. I am dumbfounded and with this efforts, I am convinced that nobody can defeat IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

What manner of Love is this? They kept on saying, we will not let them take you away.. Amarachi you will not die..

If I'm going out of the World, Messages and Calls that gets into my Phone(Although I couldn't pick all) revived me. Prayers from Children.

I just don't know what to say...

Oh goodness me.. I love you all.. I so much cherish IPOB.
We are One Million steps ahead of them.

At last We Won.. Yes We Always Win.
Victoria Acerta..




Ibeh Gift Amarachi
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