A Profound Respect for Kanu and IPOB Even Though Kanu Insulted the Yoruba

Ifa Dare Wrote:

I am a Yoruba person, they wanted to know why I have a profound respect for Kanu and IPOB even though Kanu insulted the Yoruba on many occasions.

Well, it's because I have the emotional intelligence to deal with empty rhetoric. I can separate harmless verbal invectives from lethal act of betrayal and lethal terrorist actions.

  1. Kanu and IPOB didn't betray Afonja.
  2. Kanu and IPOB didn't install an Eze or Obi in Ilorin.
  3. Kanu and IPOB did not deny Brigadier. Ogundipe presidency.
  4. Kanu and IPOB did not humiliate Awolowo.
  5. Kanu and IPOB did not humiliate GEN. Oladipo Diya.



  1. Kanu and IPOB did not assassinate Kudirat Abiola.
  2. Kanu and IPOB did not deny Abiola his mandate nor did they murder Abiola for demanding for his mandate.
  3. Kanu and IPOB have never taken up arms against the Oodua nation.
  4. Kanu and IPOB do not support NGR's growth retarding, parasitic unitary system.
  5. Kanu and IPOB courageously seek for self-determination from the colonial plantation called NGR.
  • Everything Kanu says, about the colonial failed state of Nigeria, is 1000% true. 

    And if it takes verbal invectives and the use of derogatory adjectives to pass his message across, then so be it.



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A Profound Respect for Kanu and IPOB Even Though Kanu Insulted the Yoruba

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