Ịkpa Ego Na Ala Igbo

Despite being the most peaceful region in the whole of the six geopolitical Zones according to a recent UN report, Ala-igbo is the only place where The Nigerian police FORCE and The Nigerian Army has checkpoints in every two pole down to our respective villages. In these checkpoints, these uniformed men act like some bunch of Brigands, extorting money from our people and issuing them with balance right there in full view of the whole passengers and should any driver refuse to part with money, the vehicle would be stopped and the whole passengers detained in the name of being searched. And they do this in such a brazenly blatant manner that you'd be left in no doubt that they are operating with state-sponsored impunity. Few months ago, I attended the Emeka Umeagbalasi led Southeast Civil Society Coalition where it was reported that the Nigerian Police made a total of N14.1B in five months, from September 2017 to Jan 2018 from 2900 road blocks in the Eastern region. Source: Intersociety Report, 5th September 2017


We still have The Nigerian Custom Service - NCS on our roads stealing bags of rice and our other valuables ON OUR ROADS, not in the border where they are meant to be. THIS HAPPENS ONLY IF YOU ARE TRAVELING TO THE EAST. 


We have 5 insensitive men, Governor Dave Nweze Umahi, Governor Rochas Okorocha, Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and Governor Willie Obiano pretending to be in charge of those 5 Igbo States. With the speed of light, these 5 governors would rush to Abuja to bow to the daura Demon and declare allegiance to #OneNigeria but you'd never hear them take a definite position on serious issues such as this. These 5 governors have dozens of aides here who daily regale us with photos of non-existent road networks and uncompleted flyovers as their achievements without telling us how much is their IGR, their monthly allocation from Abuja and their security votes which they don't even account for. 







Most annoyingly, we have our son as the Deputy President of the Nigerian lawmaking body, The Nigerian Senate. We have numberless other Senators and house of Representatives members drawing BILLIONS in the name of Representing us and protecting our interest. These ones are in the National Assembly solely for one reason which is to protect our interest. 

When I raised this issue in our WhatSapp group where most of these so called leaders are, specifically tagging them in the comment, what I got in return was an empty promise. Months later, it is still promise of "we will look into the issue". When I look at these men, all I see is treachery, insensitivity and a total detachment from the ordinary people they are supposed to be representing. 

These so called leaders are a basket of disappointment. They are the co-authors of our misfortune. Pharaohs masquerading as Moses. Arsonists posing as fire-fighters. 

For these men and women, their honeymoon is over. It is high time Igbo youths proved their seriousness by ensuring that these men no longer rest until we the real owners of the mandate they are exercising are free from Police/Army humiliation on our own roads. No people should have to tolerate this kind of official humiliation when they have people they are paying billions to protect their interest. 

We shall start by releasing the phone numbers of every single Southeast National Assembly members. We will occupy their lines with calls and SMS until they raise that matter in the National Assembly. And don't worry, releasing phone numbers of elected office holders is completely legal. They are our employees. We are their boss. 

Please, let us restrict our calls and SMS to this criminal checkpoints on our roads. Please! The last time we did that of the governors here, some of us went completely off point, insulting them instead of focusing on the python dance which was the topic then.

© Charles Ogbu



Ịkpa Ego Na Ala Igbo

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